Saturday, December 20, 2008


You guessed it, you wild bunch of 'ne'er-do-comments' readers...I'm outta here. So sneak in and leave me a note while I'm out. Surprise me for Yule! It'll be a hoot. Tell me: should I add something (and name what) to the headers section toppin' every post except this one? Or should I kill the whole header thing? Dunno.

I've baked about 10 dozen cookies (2 different kinds) and dipped 2 bags of pretzels which were then decorated with festive little red and green trees or snowflakes. Will decorate cookies tomorrow. I'm tired.

As I was saying, tho, I'm going to head home for the holidays so I won't be able to do a post for a few days...or read any comments. "Not that I foresee this as being a problem," she said, wiping cobwebs from the comment box. (HINT, HINT.)

So, my wish for you: may you spend time with loved ones, and celebrate and smile.
CHEERS! Here's a giggle to end on...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones
I’m in a groovy mood, what can I say?
Seditious, as usual.
OMG!! Standy-Uppy!
MOON PHASE: Waxing Gibbous. Full 12/12
TAROT of the DAY: MAGICIAN When the Magician appears, it points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent’s disposal. The message is to tap into one’s full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something. There are choices and directions to take. Guidance can arrive through one’s own intuition or in the form of someone who brings about change or transformation.

I’m telling you, that is just CREEPY! I love how the tarot can be soooo right on! That’s exactly what my BIG NEWS is about. See, I’m not only the author of Vicious Circle, due from Juno Books in 2009. I’m not only the webmistress of (where my honey sells fabulous seven string guitars and employs the marketing that sometimes springs from my mind…) (oooo since we’re already off on a tangent here…checkout the WHY 7 STRINGS page, and see at the top right a girl with an apple and a snake wrapped around a v-guitar? You see, I had this idea… One of my characters says “If Eve had been a little more gutsy, they’d have had snake for dinner instead of apples.” That led to a decision…if you’re going to be tempted between two evils…the apple or the bad-ass guitar…which one? I did not take the photos of the girl or the snake, but I put them together using my artistic skill and a computer program and I think it looks awesome.)

Anyway…the point? I’m also a guitar player. And it seems that I might be back in a band! YAY! Now, I don’t want to give details, as it’s not all set and such, but we’ll be doing classic rock (no crazy hair-metal, no finger-blistering arpeggios) just shake-your-ass groovy rock-n-roll. I’m hyped. It’ll be covers AND originals…may throw in some keyboard stuff here and there if need be. Sounds like a great group of people are getting together to do their thing and I can’t wait to be a part of it. *As this progresses and the hope of gigs becomes a reality, I will post such dates here. Look for it in February or March. These things take time…

So, as the card points to ‘talents, capabilities and resources,’ I WILL tap into mine—around writing/editing duties of course.

What is YOUR favorite classic rock song? And while you’re at it, since ‘classic rock’ means different things to different folks, tell me your definition!
I promise to post something witty and humorous and (very likely) smutty soon!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, I've been remiss, and the season promises more of my remissiveness. (HEE!)
Jim's Launch Party for STRICTLY 7 GUITARS was awesome and fun... (memo to me...always bring earplugs to'd think I'd know that by now.) Yeah, it was LOUD. Yeah we gave away a $1200.oo guitar...the pretty blue Rattler one.

I will endeavor to maintain my tarot of the day, on days I'm here. I will post for sure when there is something of import to say. Absense means only one thing: not enough java to get the work all done!

Be merry!
Let it snow!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


*For anyone visiting here because of the Party House Reunion…you MUST go and read the first entry of this blog first. It is a rule; it must be obeyed. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.
** Really, go read the first entry. It will explain the headers here, and actually, the first few posts are pretty funny. I talk about smut. You’ll like it. Go read.

MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: EMPEROR. Today is a day of movement. There can be changes in your daily work/career or in your communication with your father/authority figures. Be a pioneer or visionary to finish this day with success. Move all that you have longed wanted to set in motion.

After the gig … I rolled in about midnight, two tired people in tow. I’m very happy and excited about the whole thing. There were WAY more people than I expected to be there. I guess I was thinking it would be like the old days at the bar…kind of quiet and slow until 9 pm-ish. But no, it was packed when I arrived at 5:30. (I was able to obtain rock-n-roll parking due to someone leaving to get dinner elsewhere….)

Saw many folks I hadn’t seen in years; it was good. I probably saw people I should have known but didn’t recognize. I know I walked right past people I was looking for, so I guess there will be no future in the spy-world for me.

I’ll post pictures here sometime…maybe later today when I’ve had a chance to see some of them. I’ll add them to the end of this post, which I intend to let stand for a few days so anyone passing through sees the * and ** above.

IF you’ve duly read the first post, and this one, ad if you are looking to email me, I’m at lindarobertson01@yahoo. IF you haven’t checked out the guitars, that’s I did the website, be proud of me. ***and just so you know, that awesome Venom 7-string guitar I was supposed to play….damn it…had been tuned to 440 to practice with the cds here at the house. I had not taken it to practice as it was being built…so when we get to the gig, me being the 20-years no-playing-on-stage novice again, I didn’t realize it would be so hard get the thing to hold a tuning to 430, at which we play live. My bad. Not having the 7th string messed me up in the way most guitarist say having it messes them up. I’m used to that upper string being there, and I played the wrong string a few times (a measure here or there) because I place my fingers wrong forgetting I was substituting Ronnie’s guitar. Sigh. That’s my only down-side to the evening…but then I haven’t seen the pictures of me yet. I’m sure I’ll be making faces at those when I see them. Check back. I’ll share. WAIT! Go to and view the picture album for playing guitar. As I get pics from others who were at the gig, I will put more pics in there (so it's not just ME, ME, ME.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Pirates of the Caribbean/Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer
SEDITIOUS (see 11.06.08)
Full, sliding into Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: The Hermit. Listen today to your own wisdom and experiences. Take your perceptions and emotions serious, they may be right, even if they conflict with other people's opinion. Finish what you have started. Inspire others with your insight.
What a card for today!! The gig is tonight. My first time on stage in 20 years. It is a big deal, but I feel great about it, confident. My honey says he’ll take pics….I’ll post a few here, but don’t look for me to post tomorrow. I will surely be too tired and perhaps a little achy from margaritas or some delicious brown beer (doubt the liederkranz will have Great Lakes Brewery’s Black Out Stout.)

Wish me luck!

Friday, November 14, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last Samurai/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Millstone's Holiday Peppermint. With chocolate, of course.
TAROT of the DAY:JUDGEMENT. Today is a determination to break through judgment, criticism and evaluation associated with three aspects of self, associated with work and creativity, and toward important family members and relationships. Learn to handle judgments coming from others or within self. See clear which are your responsibilities and which are not.

Wow. I just keep getting Major Arcana cards. This one, I know if about me not beating myself up mentally, or making too much seriousness of the gig tomorrow. JUST HAVE FUN. I know the songs, the solos. I can play it, I can get up there and not have stage fright. I can. And I will. I'll have pictures to prove it soon.
And I have heard that I will have big news book-wise to officially announce soon. So check back...

Friday, November 7, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Evanescence; The Open Door
MOON PHASE: Waxing Crescent
TAROT of the DAY: THE CHARIOT This is a day of movement for you. Generate new ideas or solutions, motivate yourself or others to bring it forth to realization or bring a new project into motion. Change what doesn't fit into your reality.
Isn't that just freaky how the tarot does that? Guess what I did today? I launched the website ( ) I told you about yesterday. The 'vehicle' of the guitar company, i.e. it's CHARIOT, is live and rolling. Gotta love that tarot.

Okay, so yesterday, I promised stirring cocks. You saw the top picture, there you go. Introducing...PERVY. He is the mascot of my writing group. Ain't he cute? Tell me what you think.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A WEBSITE, but not mine

*Note...I'm making some changes.
THE USUAL...nope... my coffee with chocolate syrup and peppermint deserves a better name than pep/mocha. Better than boring old 'usual'. Something that sounds slightly, or, *grinning mischeiviously* more than slightly about THE SEDITIOUS. Because drinking coffee with chocolate and peppermint gives me the cocoa-beans and pep to feel like I could rebel over any authority.
MOON PHASE: First Quarter. Hey, that means it is time to think about what you want to bring into your life...the good things.
TAROT of the DAY: OOOO! THE LOVERS! Major Arcana card.
Yup, I am adding webmistress to my list of talents learned the 'hands-on way'. Nope, it won't give me college credit, or earn me a degree or raise my wage, but I know something new. Groovy. Eventually I will do a website for the least I do so hope that the response to the books warrants such a thing. Anywho, go check out when you're able. It should be live in a day or so --I know, I'm premature in announcing the spot, but I'm a girl and that's okay for me-- so go and check it out. For some reason, you publish a site and it takes a while for it to appear, but a blog is instant.

For my W.I.P. I've been working on a smut scene. On the ways to be 'real' in writing about relationships, which are big mighty things of steel that can float, as opposed to relationdingys, which are small, made only of wood, and you better hope there's a life preserver around because it WILL sink. For the males among you dear readers, I'm sure the symbolism of the analogy is not lost on you. But you are males so I'll reiterate: I said WOOD, did you get it?

Hahahahaha. Okay, I'm sure any male reading this is nothing like a relationdingy. But I have a character who might be, so I'm having a lot of fun at his fictional expense.

Tune in tomorrow(or whenever I get back to this page and away from the website...).
I'm talking about stirring cocks and I'll have pictures.

Friday, October 31, 2008



Circle Song of the North/Wendy Rule


Kahluah Coffee w/ choc & peppermint

MOON PHASE: Waxing Cresent

TAROT of the DAY: Eight of Wands

(Speedy and Successful Completion of a Goal)

All Hallow's Eve. Samhain. Hallowe'en. More than costumes and candy. More than Jack-O-Lanterns. This is the time of harvest, of abundance, and of seeing the fruition of all the hard work that has been done. The veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest, so I will be honoring those who have passed out of my life by passing from this world into the next.

May you honor your loved ones who have passed on. May you be open enough to feel them when they are near you, and accept the love and guidance they offer.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Control/Puddle of Mud
Vanilla Biscotti + chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: QUEEN of SWORDS: Faces the truth, even unpleasant truths, and plays by the rules. Has a sense of humor and tells it like it is. (Can't get the picture to load?????)

Rock N Roll.

What does it mean to you? Hey DJ…what does it mean to YOU!?? Is it something on the radio? Something at the dance club? Something at the end of cool movies? The stereo at that party in the dorm….

Let’s go to another level: BARS.

I know the scene, the smell of a bar, the colors and layout. The furniture is different depending on type of bar. Seedy bars are rich in description and texture and layers of clientele. (Martini bars are totally different.) Add the band…but not just any band…add a rock band. They effect the bar. I bet the beverages making up the tabs differ greatly too. An oldies rock band has a different effect than a country band, than a punk rock band, that a top-40 band. And these all assume they are cover-bands. What about the original band? Not only are they different, but the folks they draw in—or drive out—will change according to the band/venue.

Guess I’m thinking about the research I’m about to be able to do with the reunion gig. I know I’ll be paying more attention than usual. At least until the set is over. Then I get to order a beverage. (Can’t play buzzed.)

Soooo…tell me about your favorite bar, your least favorite bar, and why that is so. What makes it great? Location? Music? DJ? Band? Waiter/waitress? Something else/aesthetic like the view, the nostalgia, the other patrons? The availability of a certain brewery? What? What? What?

Monday, October 27, 2008


Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country/Cliff Eidelman
Custom blend + chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Cresent
TAROT of the DAY: (again...) THE SUN (Success; pleasure/happiness; creativity; action oriented. And for an additional meaning, since this is a 2nd draw of this card...Today is a movement into wholeness through team work. Work together with other people or groups. A relationship can become an art form. Allow yourself and others to be what they really are.)

What am I so jazzed about? …the upcoming reunion gig. I can’t wait to do this show. Not only have I duly practiced, not only do I feel good about my various guitar solos, but I get to play a Strictly 7 Guitar!!! The honey said I could take any of them I wanted. Woo-hoo! I played the Baby Boa yesterday…15% smaller body size, strat-shape, specifically designed with female players in mind. Yeah. It rocks. EMG pick-ups. The fretboard is blank, as in no dots between frets. At first, it threw me…I guess I visually cued on those dots more than I thought, but I’m good now.

As for the card draw... I'm off to deliver promotional material about the guitar company so I'll keep it's counsel in mind. I have a busy week ahead. Will check in here as I can. Drop me a line, if you’re stopping by. Say hi. Tell me what music you’re listening to!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Before I’m Dead/Kidney Thieves
Caramel Drizzle + chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Crescent
TAROT of the DAY: Knight of Swords - This day card is an indication for you, that there are passionate thoughts concerning the accomplishment of some goal the whole being is desiring at a deep level, and on all levels, particularly the mental, to move forward and succeed at a particular task. Mental drive, ambition, determination from a place of emotional reinforcement. Conan the Barbarian gonna show up? Please, please? Or even Talon from that old movie The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) or the Rock from The Scorpion King (2002) or...well, okay, I could ramble on and on about loin-clothed heroes with swords...tell me your favorite! Aside from all that, for me, the card fits the books and the rock and roll!

So, as you can tell by my ‘anti-silence solution,’ I’m in a rockin’ mood and the movie scores will have to wait. I’ve been jammin’ on my guitar and I must be getting comfy with it again because I’m just goofing through the boring parts of the songs. That’s a good sign.

Gotta get writing though. Drop me a line if you’re out there!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Tomb Raider/Graeme Revell
Maxwell House with choc. & peppermint
MOON PHASE: Waning—Last Quarter tomorrow!
TAROT of the DAY: 3 of CUPS (Marriage/Birth; also joining a group of like-minded individuals; good luck; fulfillment of something long awaited.)

Yes…oblogations. And obligations. Tarot has become my oBLOGation…since I’ve no pertinent news to report on the book (though I expect there will be much coming shortly.) So today as I drew the 13th card for this ‘new addition’ to the blog, I decided to look back over what’s been drawn and analyze if there is anything unusual there. 5 Major Arcana, 4 Cups, 2 Wands, and 1 each of Swords and Pentacles. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 (14 each) of the four suits, totaling 78 cards. How cool is it that, though less than a third of the total cards are considered Major Arcana, the greatest number of the randomly drawn cards are from that group? (I mean sure, that means that 8 are of the Minor Arcana group, but if you multiply that ratio out, it doesn’t equal out…along that math I could draw every Major A card and only have drawn half the Minor A cards…) Next is 4 cards from Cups (the suit of emotions)—less than a fifth of the cards are of that suit, yet a third of the drawn cards are Cups.

So what does this tell me? Hmmm. I’ll have to ponder it. If you’re out there, what do you think of this?

Friday, October 17, 2008


First Knight/Jerry Goldsmith
Custom Blend with peppermint
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: 8 of CUPS (See below.)

This is an interesting card in SOOO many ways. I think many people see it as a ‘let-down in the love department’ and let it go at that. But that’s just the surface of this card… it can mean MANY deeper things. It can mean recognizing people, places, things/situations that no are longer serving you spiritually, and walking away from them (a topic my main character deals with in a subplot). These ‘bad-for-you’ emotional ties are being cut; that’s a good thing that may hurt nonetheless. It may mean adopting new habits in place of old ones, you may struggle to create the new habit, but with determination—and knowing its good for you—will keep you on target and successful. If you’re seeking spirituality on a higher level, this card is golden: it means you’re doing it, you’re taking the painful steps to get there.

I had the opportunity to hang with some like-minded individuals last evening. For me, this card is meaning I need to be more social with like-minded folk to keep growing, to have friendships outside work or kids or family, friendships for me—not in a selfish needy way, but in an ‘I’m-inspired-by-them’ fulfilling way. After a meditation with said group, my mind was brimming with ideas and imagery, with phrases and ‘fiat lux’ (Latin for ‘let light be made’)…the light-bulb over my head was soooo undeniably ON and the illumination it was emanating was heading towards super-nova.

I said to them that I would blog about my oBLOGations, but I’ll save that for another day. I’m gonna bask in this warm light and ruminate.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Phantom/David Newman
Caramel Drizzle + chocolate syrup
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: ACE of WANDS (New venture, idea, project. Creativity/Imagination. Ideas to Action.)

Well, of course I do! But going through it after having put it aside for several months, waiting for the publishing process to do what it does…it’s all fresh and, after addressing the issues of the position of the moon in the sky (taking creative license in some areas is acceptable, but I can’t really alter where an astral body of such significance is going to be…) I’m back in the thick of things and man, I love this story. I’m halfway through and just got all jazzed up again! I can’t wait to share it!

I’d like to think that the TAROT card of the DAY, in the midst of my edits, my writing of BOOK 2, and all the other awesome things going on in my life, means that my ideas are moving into action, and into fruition. YAY! As for this card and how it heralds its meaning to you…hooray! I hope your ideas and projects are positive and creative! May your project bring you as much happiness as mine brings me! :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotti w/choc. & peppermint
TAROT of the DAY: The SUN (Success; pleasure/happiness; creativity; action oriented.)

Instead of drawing the card from my deck today, I pulled one ‘online’ from a site that just gives you a card at random. It came up the Sun. And boy was it right…I was very action-oriented this morning, getting a LOT done before 9 a.m. And I’ve been very diligent about my editing so far.

Yes, I am still editing…and I should be doing that, not this, but a momentary break from the creativity of that for the creativity of this will be good. I’ve had to go back and shift the character’s home from being South-facing to being west facing, flip the floor plan, and add skylights to her bedroom…why? All to be assured that the moon CAN shine into her bedroom so-many days after the full moon, at a certain time, and therefore keep the rest of the plot going. I’ve checked the phase, rise time, set time, etc., all to keep the line true. I even talked to Realtor friends about the accuracy of having the old farmhouse’s storm cellar on the east side of the house. (They concurred that most Ohio storms are from the southwest, so an eastern cellar entrance made sense…)

Betcha never knew writing a book meant that once it was done (hard part) and sold (even harder than finishing a novel) you then had soooo many details to be confirmed. Even down to the coffee shop in chapter 2, the time it takes to drive to the hospital in chapter 7. Not to mention the details of the social/political alternate earth I’ve created where werewolves and vampire and fairy’s all exist with public lives, though the law enforcement are feeling overwhelmed by the publics expectations of them against super-human strength and powers….
Not easy, but what fun! There’s my Sun card, and my world making me all happy because I get to play like this in my writing. I hope everyone out there (you are out there, right? You just lurk and rarely chime in here…) has a stupendously fabulous day.

Monday, October 13, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Return of the King;LOTR/Howard Shore
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Chocolate Velvet w/ peppermint and chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: 9 of CUPS (Wish Card; satisfaction and fulfillment of an emotional dream)

I’ve been called out on my absence! Guilt Trip! *Grinning*
THE EXCUSES: 1.) I’ve been up to eyeballs in editing, 2.) guitar playing in prep for upcoming reunion show, 3.) delivering promotional posters for Strictly 7 Guitars contest, 4.) helping the kids with homework, cooking, cleaning, and sewing scout badges on uniforms, and 5.) the honey had a birthday...that means his favorite dinner cooked up right, a cake decorated right, and...ahem...lengthy presents.
Since I've mentioned the guitar contest...go check it out at:
If you can jam, shred, solo…pony up and enter!!!! I cannot enter as I am considered an 'employee' and/or family of the owner…but alas, there are a few females who have entered already so I feel my gender will be represented. (YAY!) And if you go that's not me in the pic, but a model. I prefer being behind cameras, not in front of them. keeping with the theme of the card of the day...wishes granted, care to share any dreams come true? (Please don't share anything that should 'stay in Vegas' and if you simply must publish something naughty--which I don't think is really the point of wish fulfillment--, then please follow the lead of my terminology and euphemism discretions and mind your language or I'll nix it from the blog.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Absent again... and CONTEXT REPORT

ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Pirates:World’s End/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotii w/ peppermint and chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: MAGICIAN (Represents the potential of a new adventure…but he also brings things out of the darkness and into the light.)

I’ve been MIA. (If we go with the card, I've been inthe dark and am back...hee hee.) My absense has been on purpose, I assure you. I wanted to see if anyone from Context popped over. I felt a disclaimer about the post headers was in order and I didn’t want that post to be shifted down too quickly. But alas, I fear I am here in cyberspace alone, babbling to myself. (SAY HELLO!!!) Well, that never bothered me before so...on with it.

Tanya Huff, Guest of Honor, is very gracious and personable. (‘She has far to many books to list here but may be best known for her Victoria Nelson Blood Books Series.) It was an honor to be on a panel with her. Paula Guran, Editor Guest of Honor, is my editor so, of course, I think she’s awesome. Context is a smaller con, but it was very accessible, the people are friendly and even someone as shy as myself found some interesting folks to chat with, such as Elizabeth Vaughn (Warprize series, Dagger Star) and Josef Matulich of Dalmation Alley…he and his family are costumers/special-effects make-up artists/sculptors/writers… there’s a lot of talent in there. I learned about the social metaphors of zombies (How did I NOT catch that before?), and I got to share thoughts on music with other fans of movie scores. It was a great time, without the hurried atmosphere of larger cons. I certainly hope to go back.

Monday, September 29, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Gladiator/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Custom blend with crème de minthe
TAROT of the DAY: SIX of CUPS: Nostalgia, serenity, an old love returns or an old dream now seems possible.

Of the panels I attended, the ‘strong female characters’ panel seemed to have a great in flux of people asking where is the heroine who is a mother? A wife? Who is older? Where are the tough wise-women? And Vicious Circle has a tough Nana, and a child that the main character is looking out for. So, I am hoping it will be found by those looking for something 'more'.

I also learned about the social metaphor that zombies represent, and though I meant to attend Tobias Bucknell’s Effective Blogging panel, things came up that interfered with that plan.

I did intend to do the ‘1 day to go’, and ‘day of’ blog countdowns, but heck, I was freaking BUSY.

As it turns out, the con was great fun! Being on panels was not as overwhelmingly stressful as I feared. In fact, the only thing that bit me was the elevator. The first, I sat on with my editor Paula Guran of Juno Books, and Tanya Huff who was the Author Guest of Honor. She’s the author of the Blood Books, showing on Lifetime as Blood Ties. ( She was also very gracious and turned a bit of the conversation to me, as did Paula, so I felt included. They both are much more knowledgeable than I and the attendees wanted to hear them more than an unknown, but Paula and Tanya both asked me questions so I was able to chime in. ;-)

My second panel, on Movie Soundtracks, I was able to talk much more. The other panelists were fans of the music. One was an author, one had an on-line ‘zine, one was just a fan. I was the only musician among them (or the only one who said so) and I think I brought a little something to the discussion that they could not. Of course I was geeky and let it be known that I adore Hans Zimmer’s musical works.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last Samurai/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Custom blend w/ choc and Crème de Menthe
TAROT of the DAY: The HIGH PRIESTESS (heightening intuition, an enchounter with the hidden world, an uncanny sense that ‘something’ is at work in one’s life.)

Okay…the High Priestess today. Hmmm. On my deck’s card (not the Rider-Waite deck pics I use to post) I have Persephone, on the steps to/from the underworld, pomegranate in hand. The main character in VICIOUS CIRCLE is named Persephone ‘Seph’ and I wasn’t very aware of the details of her myth when I wrote it, but I have come to know some since. I like this card.

I’m ready to go, except for packing. And I’m looking forward to chatting with my editor who is the Editor Guest of Honor at Context, PAULA GURAN, and meeting a fellow Juno author, Matthew Cook, link to his blog: , his book, Nights of Sin, and sequel to Blood Magic was just released. It's also an opportunity for some ladies from my writing group to get together and I'm eager to see them again as well! It'll be a good trip!

Friday, September 19, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last of the Mohicans/ Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotti w/ Raspberry
TAROT of the DAY: TWO of WANDS (New aim, goal or creative project...has potential, have the courage to proceed.)

I'm ecstatic to be included in a panel at Context that's called Great Movie Soundtracks. Aside from the last names of the other panelists, Johnson and Sandridge, I know nothing about this little panel…but I am sooo excited to get to share on a musical subject in addition to writing!! So, I’m wondering…as research data, of course, what is YOUR favorite? Do you even pay attention? What do you listen to when you write, if anything, and do you endeavor to create a ‘mood’—and if so, always, or just for certain scenes?

Musicians often do with melodic phrases, things that we cannot do with words, but mirrors and enhances the words. For instance…take Gladiator. When Maximus arrives and is to fight in the great Coliseum, there is little to be said, the visual is daunting. The composer (my favorite, Hans Zimmer) took a Waltz…a lovely 3-beat dance, and turned it into a monster of a song rather emulating the whole Gladiator idea, entertain and die…pretty monstrous. And yeah, I’m totally geeking out right now.

Sometimes, when I’m stuck, I find a piece of music that fits the mood of what I want to write, (or write a song that fits), and then sit back in the cinema of my mind and watch the movie…I just try to envision the action and/or the drama. Yeah yeah, it’s daydreaming with a soundtrack, but that’s what I do. What about you? Is music in your process at all?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Custom Blend w/ chocolate mint
She is nurturing, down-to-earth, trustworthy and resourceful.

Or should I say psychosis, or neurosis?

Today I am forcing myself to push onward with a work-in-progress (WIP). I have been struggling with a hurdle scene and I discovered that if I play a game with myself it’s easier. That’s how psycho I really am; I can play a game with my brain as if the idea didn’t really form there, and as if my brain doesn’t really know what I’m doing…but somehow it freaking works. Because I, like the Queen of Pentacles, am resourceful. When something isn't working, I'll adapt, I can back up and change my approach if I need to. (Recognizing that I need to is another matter, that isn't always so clear...)

I was non committal about writing the scene. It wasn’t there. I was struggling. So, I opened a fresh clean new document. No looming word count already there. No greatness to match. (HA!) No nothing. I was just going to type it out, what tidbits I had, and at least put them down, even if jumbled and incoherent…because this wasn’t really the scene anyway. Not the REAL file. It was just a blank slate and I could delete it and no one would be the wiser.

But the scene got written. And, rough, today it gets a spit shine. Ah, progress. Some of the steps are harder to take for whatever reason. Just take it. Keep going. It’s in stopping that the problem lies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Star Trek 6, The Undiscovered Country; Cliff Eidelman
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Caramel Drizzle w/ Raspberry and Chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: read on...

To the header of each post, we already have the Anti-silence Solution (because everyone else tells you what they are listening too), the Java Prescription (because I LOVE coffee) and the Moon Phase (because it’s important). You may have noticed I added a new one today.

Why? Because the Main Character of VICIOUS CIRCLE is a tarot reader, among other things. It’s fun, gives me something to say when I have nothing else to say (like that ever happens…) and can be informative. I’ll keep it short though, no soap box.

And our virgin draw of the card is…(Mister DJ, hit the drum roll pleeeease….)

the FOOL

First Card in the deck(Major Arcana), and no I amnot going in order, I just pulled that one at random after shuffling. It represents a new chapter in life, the beginning of the journey. What an apt card to start this new feature of my blog with! GROOVY!

Still looking for some questions/ideas/comments on the lines between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, c'mon! This is your chance to sound off and share!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Return of the King/Howard Shore
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Caramel Drizzle w/chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waxing Gibbous

My old band, back when I was just a young-un in the late 80's, was called CORSAIR. (See, I was into pirates LONG before pirates were cool...) We had a grand time…teenagers with keys to the bar—we had a practice room there, where we kept our band equipment. We did not abuse our privilege. Okay, well once…maybe. Anyway, we could jam as loud and as often as we wanted. No parents screaming to quiet down. It was fantastic.

So my old drummer calls and says the old bar (now torn down for some city building) is having a reunion at a rented hall. We, along with many other rockers of the time, are going back to play. We’ll do a 5-8 song set, nothing big. I’m sooooo freaking excited! There’s nothing like being on stage, rockin’ my guitar. About 8 weeks to prepare and get the old fingers zippin’ over the fretboard. I can’t wait!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Pirates; At World’s End; Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Custom blend (see previous post)
MOON PHASE: Waxing Gibbous

I am officially going to Context in Columbus, Ohio, Sept 26-28. I even get to sit on a couple of panels. GROOVY!! Hope I have something intelligent and witty to say… If not, I have a room and I’ll hide out.

I have asked to be in on the panel called “Writing Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy” with panelists: Editor Guest of Honor Paula Guran (my editor at Juno Books) and the Guest of Honor Tanya Huff, and Phoebe Wray. If I’m correct, Wray's first novel in genre fiction is newly out, with previous genre-shorts to her credit, and non-fiction. So that should be a great place to sit in, with two knowledgeable folks and two relative newbies.

The other panel I have requested to be on is Great Movie Soundtracks. Since the con is titled ‘We liked the movie but the book was better.’ I’m hoping they really mean movie scores (specifically from movies adapted from books...), not soundtracks(which can be rock-n-roll radio tunes or 'inspired by' tunes also for pop stations, etc). Because, as you may have noticed, I love scores and note what I'm listening to at my header and it's 95% movie scores... From books, I specifically LOVE Howard Shore’s for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I like the various composers (John Williams, Nicolas Hooper, Patrick Doyle, etc.) who have given their takes on the Harry Potter franchise. All those composers have done so much to capture the essence of and enhance and identify the characters and the movies. Who doesn’t recognize the tinkling Harry Potter opening? This panel has two names attached to it: Johnson and Sandridge. I am not able to find who they are to detail them nor to help me know if I’m going to be in over my head! :-)

I’m very excited and hope to be a part of both panels!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Stargate; David Arnold
MOON PHASE: First Quarter (yay!)

No. I don't work puzzles with my morning coffee. Not a spinster yet.

I have, however been experimenting with my java. I’ve mixed up equal parts of Dutch Chocolate Fudge with Mexican Liquor(Buehler’s rip-off of the Kahlua-Coffee), and Caramel Drizzle. This combo is without a doubt the most delicious concoction I’ve ever found. YUM!!! And add the usual generous amount of chocolate syrup…heavenly.

Now for the Jigsaw. It's a club in Parma. My man, whose budding guitar company is about to take off, suggested that we go and see a band last night. Yay! Now…of course the guitarist in this band is none other than the paint and buffing guy who works with my honey, and though they weren’t a METAL band (they were rather PUNK), they cracked me up. One song, called ‘All My Friend’s Bands Suck’ was particularly delightful. I’m not 'into' that style of music per se, and some of it was just plain goofy, but I had a good time watching them. Crowd liked 'em well enough; plenty of people there.

The band that followed was, well, I hate to insult musicians, especially ones who get up on the stage and play live...but this quartet were rather rock-a-billy and that alone deserves at least a ribbing. Though able players, every song sounded the same to me; same key, same twang, same groove. In the first 2 songs, the chorus consisted of repeating the title of the song 4x. I leaned over to the honey when song 3 started and said, “If they repeat the title of the song 4 times in this chorus, I’ll give you 2 dollars.” They couldn’t do that to me 3x in a row…could they? I still have my smidgen of cash. But the song was ridiculous in lyric premise and the chorus was no different than the verse so I wasn’t sure the chorus was the chorus at first. If they played cover tunes, they’d probably have done well. Writing originals, though, not all musicians get that a repetitious nature of their key (which may mean their singer has limited range) and format will make every song sound alike. They play different ‘notes’ so it’s different to them. But people hearing it for the first time find it rather like hearing the same song for an hour. Annoying. (There’s an analogy for writing stories in there. I’m working on it.) And the ridiculous things they have in their lyrics...??? Doesn't anybody have anything to say? As a writer, words are important to me. If they are going to be nonsense, they better be catchy.

Now, lest you think I’m just a total bitch about music and bands…remember, I play guitar. I’ve been there done that. My old band is going to be playing at a bar-reunion thing where we were the house band for a time. So being on stage, something I used to take very seriously…toooo seriously, I am looking at what things are happening in clubs now (and the Jigsaw is a very cool venue) and thinking, “Yeah. I can do that, and I don’t have to be fussy about it.” I think I’ll be much calmer with things this time. That’s a good thing.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So There I Was...

ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Tomb Raider; Graeme Revell
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Caramel Crème Drizzle w/chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous

So there I was…in a lair designed to be beautiful, but I saw through its deceiving guise. I knew it was a dangerous place. Perilous, even. Here, there was tiramisu. It sounds like the name of an exotic dragon, or a terrible storm, but this is a much sneakier villain and I had to be wary. I’d been called to a rendezvous, and I expected code-words to be necessary…then they were spoken: “Table for five, with a high chair.”

Yup. My day was spent with writer cohorts at a secret locale known only as the Olive Garden. It’s a wonderful thing to spend time in the company of people who don’t look at me like I’m an idiot who should be on med’s when I say things like, “And then all the characters in my head started arguing with me about how they wanted the plot to be this instead and proceeded to point out why my initial idea sucked.” Ahhhh…to be at ease with creative folks. Ladies, I am grateful for the company and the celebratory mood and the gift--I'm flattered Michelle, really.

In the end, I’d learned much and gained new friends, but I was weakened...first by the ravioli, then by the cute baby. By the time it was all drawing to a close the tiramisu got me.

Can't wait until the next time, to relax in the company such fine like-minds.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Back...with Good News!

ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last Samurai; Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Caramel Drizzle w/chocolate syrup
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous

GOOD NEWS! 1 & 2

1.) The muse is good, and has been very kind to me this past week. New Idea under construction. I love this part…it’s like spring. Finding the sprouts of flowers you planted last year, smelling the world starting to green up, shaking off the cold and feeling like there is movement and life after a time of dormancy. In keeping with that analogy, my father’s passing was like a short winter, contained in those first hours and days, a sad season that will linger in my heart for many years to come. But getting back to my life, now, it is as if spring has sprung anew.

2.) My diploma finally came from that higher-learning institution that won’t be named because I won’t endorse them. My last class ended spring 2006 and I’m only getting my degree NOW. It should’ve been given 2.5 years ago. Might I suggest that those people who arbitrarily create in other’s the need to ingest voluminous amounts of Excedrin should probably not work in record-keeping.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unexplained Absence Explained...

Hey all---

I’ve fallen into a rift, where the internet does not exist. (*also known as Podunk, BFE, Hickville, Middle-Nowhere, etc., etc.) In fact, this communication is being sent while clinging to the edge of the floor (the rift opened under me). See how devoted I am? Though I am told the rift isn’t permanent, I do expect to be absent for the next several days. Have fun without me.

Monday, August 11, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last of the Mohicans Score; Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: stuck on the Dutch Choc. Fudge & Sumatra w/ syrup
MOON PHASE: Waxing Gibbous

Hey...I just posted my new-member all-about-me over at:

Go check it out! They are an awesome community over there, lots of awesome writers as a collective to discuss the genre of paranormal/urban fantasy. Lots of non-writers who love the genre read it regularly to comment to their favorite authors and ask questions and read the discussions. I'm so SO SOOO jazzed and excited to be a part of FFF that, admittedly, I may have over-posted my initial hello...I read a couple other new member posts and it seemed okay to be a bit snarky and tell a little bit of unrelated funny stuff that makes you who you are. So I did, but then those of you who know me know that I'm rarely at a loss for words.

Tell me if it's too much??? (*blushing now, turning toes of one foot in like an embarrassed schoolgirl...*) Hey, there's an idea...where's my school girl outfit...where's my honey Jim?

HAHhahahahaha. See, I'm a goofball.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Death in the Family

ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: silence is fine
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: crappy Folger’s w/chocolate mint syrup
MOON PHASE: Waxing Crescent

I have been absent with good reason. My father died. His illness lasted several deteriorating years and his slow decline into suffering is mercifully over.

Death is a powerful thing. Everyone reacts to the inevitability of death, not just family, relatives, and close friends, but acquaintances and even strangers. I am pondering, letting it all stew in that warped little mind of mine. Those thoughts are not likely to show up here, though.

Funerals are all about the living saying goodbye. Within this family, there isn’t just one religion we all cling too. It’s more like we are divided among a handful of faiths, and therefore there are various ways the living need to attend to their parting and say their personal goodbye’s. Despite feelings of difference, we all shared a singular loss, and differences aside, with laughter and abundant tears, we all said our goodbye, and we said them in the manner that comforted us most. It was as perfect as such a sad parting could be.

I may not be on task this week, to write here daily. But I will get there.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Fellowship of the Ring Score; Howard Shore
MOON PHASE: Waning Crescent

First, thanks to the many friends who have popped over to say hey’s and so forth. I am ever grateful to know cyberspace isn’t all cold and alone.

Second…let me ask about humor. Comedy Central has joke of the day which, if you like cats, today is a good day to pop over and read their daily sample. Let me ask…what is the number one thing you look for in a book? (Aside from a good, intriguing plot with characters you love and love to hate, which are, of course expected.) Action? Mystery? Humor? Smut? What? And for the writers, what do prefer to write, what comes naturally, and do you read something other than what you write?

I’ve been reading Stacia Kane’s ‘Being a Sex-Writing Strumpet’ series here: and it’s good. Like really, really good. Smut isn’t just smut…it’s deep (no pun intended there) and it’s about more than sex. Every time the characters ‘bump uglies’ the scene should do more than just be a voyeuristic glance at their most intimate moments…it’s a change in their relationship, a character-revealing moment. After reading her examples (and taking a cold shower) it hits me (as ideas often do when I’ve gotten shampoo in my eyes and they’re stinging and I’m feeling stupid) that strong emotions always make for strong scenes. (*Disclaimer: expecting that the emotions are real, viable and the scene is well written, of course.) If characters are having sex and there are not strong emotions bound in it, what’s the scene for? Decoration? Is the lack of emotion showing something? See, it’s DEEP. And gosh, here I’ve been thinking it was just dirty for lechery’s sake. Silly, naïve me. And if you haven’t read Stacia’s book PERSONAL DEMONS, you’ve missed out on a great example of that new genre dubbed Urban Fantasy but which is so much more than fantasy stories in urban settings. This book has everything. Good plot. Likable characters. Action. Horror. Smut—hot, hot smut. Even the aforementioned humor. What’s not to love about that?

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I’ve noticed that a great many bloggers add a few little tidbits atop their posts. Rather like scene setting, and as a writer I can appreciate that. Well here’s the scene:

JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Sumatra Mandeheling; with peppermint and chocolate

Well, really, have you seen some of the things people advertise? People admit to listening to Barry Manilow? No, I’m kidding. I actually ripped him off when the kids were little. I’d sing a version of Copa Cabana while changing diapers. Instead of ‘At the Copa, Copa Cabana’ my version went: ‘At the poop-a, poop-a-stinky…’

So. Yeah. That’s the kind of weirdness you will find here. Interspersed with some more serious thoughts, of course. Like….

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I write, market conditions, readers, why my muse seems to be whoring around. Not to offend said muse of course, perhaps I am not listening fully or maybe my skills are not up to the task and she’s kind of using me as a sounding board. Like, if I approve of the idea, she expounds on it and takes it to someone who is more established in the market and leaves it in their capable hands to distribute. Well, I intend to raise the bar. Out there, in the writing community, the competition is stiff, and no I don’t mean only in the smut market. (pun intended)

Let me digress here…

Smut. I like the word smut. I like it much better than porn. Ever been to the grocery store and seen that glow-in-the-dark looking genetically crossed version of broccoli and cauliflower? (yes, I’m digressing on my digression) Brociflower or something? Some geek sat in a lab and said, “I can create a new vegetable with better taste and more vitamins!” Then he wrung his hands greedily and giggled. Well, when I hear the word porn, I think of some mad scientist/genetic physicist deciding to cross peas and corn. Then I see, in my vivid mind’s eye, rows of this tall, willowy stalk topped with a version of corn that looks like peas lined up. Not an ear, not a pod. A poar? An ead? A perd? I mean if you ask, “Pass me an ear of porn, please,” there’s no telling what would end up in your hands. (Pun very much in tended again.) Or in your ear.

So, as you can see, the word smut allows me to not get lost on silly little tangents. Wait…is smut a smurf slut? Do the natives who live on the little island in the south pacific where the marshmallow plants grow…do they make s’mores and live in smuts?

I think the muse gives me nibbles of ideas because she’s messin’ with me.

So where did I start all of this…yeah, market/readers. I have to write the stories that I’m inspired to tell; I can’t write to the market. BUT. But I can look at what is selling, look at what I’ve written, and examine for ways to enhance what I already have to be more saleable. It would seem that deepening character relationships by exploring their sexual natures is really intrinsic. Previously I felt it was private aspects of their life I didn’t need to know about and I didn’t want to share my private aspects either. If you read the top of this post, clearly you see that’s over. In the paragraphs of a book, we are intimate with these characters…they are often in our bed, lounging on the couch with us, laying by the pool, maybe in the tub with us. Why shouldn’t that work both ways?

Who else is out there, who dares read this, and has jumped a hurdle in their writing and noticed a change? Did that first credit make you more confident? Did the editor teach you something valuable? Do share.

Blog Virgin

*insert sound of glass shattering*

Okay. So I didn't just break a bottle of fine liquor over the bow of a nifty, piratey ship about to set sail on a course for what I hope will be a grand adventure, but I have just toasted this maiden blog-voyage with a sip of Strawberry Margarita. Just to celebrate, of course.