Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last Samurai/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Custom blend w/ choc and Crème de Menthe
TAROT of the DAY: The HIGH PRIESTESS (heightening intuition, an enchounter with the hidden world, an uncanny sense that ‘something’ is at work in one’s life.)

Okay…the High Priestess today. Hmmm. On my deck’s card (not the Rider-Waite deck pics I use to post) I have Persephone, on the steps to/from the underworld, pomegranate in hand. The main character in VICIOUS CIRCLE is named Persephone ‘Seph’ and I wasn’t very aware of the details of her myth when I wrote it, but I have come to know some since. I like this card.

I’m ready to go, except for packing. And I’m looking forward to chatting with my editor who is the Editor Guest of Honor at Context, PAULA GURAN, and meeting a fellow Juno author, Matthew Cook, link to his blog: , his book, Nights of Sin, and sequel to Blood Magic was just released. It's also an opportunity for some ladies from my writing group to get together and I'm eager to see them again as well! It'll be a good trip!

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