Monday, September 29, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Gladiator/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Custom blend with crème de minthe
TAROT of the DAY: SIX of CUPS: Nostalgia, serenity, an old love returns or an old dream now seems possible.

Of the panels I attended, the ‘strong female characters’ panel seemed to have a great in flux of people asking where is the heroine who is a mother? A wife? Who is older? Where are the tough wise-women? And Vicious Circle has a tough Nana, and a child that the main character is looking out for. So, I am hoping it will be found by those looking for something 'more'.

I also learned about the social metaphor that zombies represent, and though I meant to attend Tobias Bucknell’s Effective Blogging panel, things came up that interfered with that plan.

I did intend to do the ‘1 day to go’, and ‘day of’ blog countdowns, but heck, I was freaking BUSY.

As it turns out, the con was great fun! Being on panels was not as overwhelmingly stressful as I feared. In fact, the only thing that bit me was the elevator. The first, I sat on with my editor Paula Guran of Juno Books, and Tanya Huff who was the Author Guest of Honor. She’s the author of the Blood Books, showing on Lifetime as Blood Ties. ( She was also very gracious and turned a bit of the conversation to me, as did Paula, so I felt included. They both are much more knowledgeable than I and the attendees wanted to hear them more than an unknown, but Paula and Tanya both asked me questions so I was able to chime in. ;-)

My second panel, on Movie Soundtracks, I was able to talk much more. The other panelists were fans of the music. One was an author, one had an on-line ‘zine, one was just a fan. I was the only musician among them (or the only one who said so) and I think I brought a little something to the discussion that they could not. Of course I was geeky and let it be known that I adore Hans Zimmer’s musical works.

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