Sunday, September 7, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Stargate; David Arnold
MOON PHASE: First Quarter (yay!)

No. I don't work puzzles with my morning coffee. Not a spinster yet.

I have, however been experimenting with my java. I’ve mixed up equal parts of Dutch Chocolate Fudge with Mexican Liquor(Buehler’s rip-off of the Kahlua-Coffee), and Caramel Drizzle. This combo is without a doubt the most delicious concoction I’ve ever found. YUM!!! And add the usual generous amount of chocolate syrup…heavenly.

Now for the Jigsaw. It's a club in Parma. My man, whose budding guitar company is about to take off, suggested that we go and see a band last night. Yay! Now…of course the guitarist in this band is none other than the paint and buffing guy who works with my honey, and though they weren’t a METAL band (they were rather PUNK), they cracked me up. One song, called ‘All My Friend’s Bands Suck’ was particularly delightful. I’m not 'into' that style of music per se, and some of it was just plain goofy, but I had a good time watching them. Crowd liked 'em well enough; plenty of people there.

The band that followed was, well, I hate to insult musicians, especially ones who get up on the stage and play live...but this quartet were rather rock-a-billy and that alone deserves at least a ribbing. Though able players, every song sounded the same to me; same key, same twang, same groove. In the first 2 songs, the chorus consisted of repeating the title of the song 4x. I leaned over to the honey when song 3 started and said, “If they repeat the title of the song 4 times in this chorus, I’ll give you 2 dollars.” They couldn’t do that to me 3x in a row…could they? I still have my smidgen of cash. But the song was ridiculous in lyric premise and the chorus was no different than the verse so I wasn’t sure the chorus was the chorus at first. If they played cover tunes, they’d probably have done well. Writing originals, though, not all musicians get that a repetitious nature of their key (which may mean their singer has limited range) and format will make every song sound alike. They play different ‘notes’ so it’s different to them. But people hearing it for the first time find it rather like hearing the same song for an hour. Annoying. (There’s an analogy for writing stories in there. I’m working on it.) And the ridiculous things they have in their lyrics...??? Doesn't anybody have anything to say? As a writer, words are important to me. If they are going to be nonsense, they better be catchy.

Now, lest you think I’m just a total bitch about music and bands…remember, I play guitar. I’ve been there done that. My old band is going to be playing at a bar-reunion thing where we were the house band for a time. So being on stage, something I used to take very seriously…toooo seriously, I am looking at what things are happening in clubs now (and the Jigsaw is a very cool venue) and thinking, “Yeah. I can do that, and I don’t have to be fussy about it.” I think I’ll be much calmer with things this time. That’s a good thing.

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