Friday, October 31, 2008



Circle Song of the North/Wendy Rule


Kahluah Coffee w/ choc & peppermint

MOON PHASE: Waxing Cresent

TAROT of the DAY: Eight of Wands

(Speedy and Successful Completion of a Goal)

All Hallow's Eve. Samhain. Hallowe'en. More than costumes and candy. More than Jack-O-Lanterns. This is the time of harvest, of abundance, and of seeing the fruition of all the hard work that has been done. The veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest, so I will be honoring those who have passed out of my life by passing from this world into the next.

May you honor your loved ones who have passed on. May you be open enough to feel them when they are near you, and accept the love and guidance they offer.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Control/Puddle of Mud
Vanilla Biscotti + chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: QUEEN of SWORDS: Faces the truth, even unpleasant truths, and plays by the rules. Has a sense of humor and tells it like it is. (Can't get the picture to load?????)

Rock N Roll.

What does it mean to you? Hey DJ…what does it mean to YOU!?? Is it something on the radio? Something at the dance club? Something at the end of cool movies? The stereo at that party in the dorm….

Let’s go to another level: BARS.

I know the scene, the smell of a bar, the colors and layout. The furniture is different depending on type of bar. Seedy bars are rich in description and texture and layers of clientele. (Martini bars are totally different.) Add the band…but not just any band…add a rock band. They effect the bar. I bet the beverages making up the tabs differ greatly too. An oldies rock band has a different effect than a country band, than a punk rock band, that a top-40 band. And these all assume they are cover-bands. What about the original band? Not only are they different, but the folks they draw in—or drive out—will change according to the band/venue.

Guess I’m thinking about the research I’m about to be able to do with the reunion gig. I know I’ll be paying more attention than usual. At least until the set is over. Then I get to order a beverage. (Can’t play buzzed.)

Soooo…tell me about your favorite bar, your least favorite bar, and why that is so. What makes it great? Location? Music? DJ? Band? Waiter/waitress? Something else/aesthetic like the view, the nostalgia, the other patrons? The availability of a certain brewery? What? What? What?

Monday, October 27, 2008


Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country/Cliff Eidelman
Custom blend + chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Cresent
TAROT of the DAY: (again...) THE SUN (Success; pleasure/happiness; creativity; action oriented. And for an additional meaning, since this is a 2nd draw of this card...Today is a movement into wholeness through team work. Work together with other people or groups. A relationship can become an art form. Allow yourself and others to be what they really are.)

What am I so jazzed about? …the upcoming reunion gig. I can’t wait to do this show. Not only have I duly practiced, not only do I feel good about my various guitar solos, but I get to play a Strictly 7 Guitar!!! The honey said I could take any of them I wanted. Woo-hoo! I played the Baby Boa yesterday…15% smaller body size, strat-shape, specifically designed with female players in mind. Yeah. It rocks. EMG pick-ups. The fretboard is blank, as in no dots between frets. At first, it threw me…I guess I visually cued on those dots more than I thought, but I’m good now.

As for the card draw... I'm off to deliver promotional material about the guitar company so I'll keep it's counsel in mind. I have a busy week ahead. Will check in here as I can. Drop me a line, if you’re stopping by. Say hi. Tell me what music you’re listening to!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Before I’m Dead/Kidney Thieves
Caramel Drizzle + chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Crescent
TAROT of the DAY: Knight of Swords - This day card is an indication for you, that there are passionate thoughts concerning the accomplishment of some goal the whole being is desiring at a deep level, and on all levels, particularly the mental, to move forward and succeed at a particular task. Mental drive, ambition, determination from a place of emotional reinforcement. Conan the Barbarian gonna show up? Please, please? Or even Talon from that old movie The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) or the Rock from The Scorpion King (2002) or...well, okay, I could ramble on and on about loin-clothed heroes with swords...tell me your favorite! Aside from all that, for me, the card fits the books and the rock and roll!

So, as you can tell by my ‘anti-silence solution,’ I’m in a rockin’ mood and the movie scores will have to wait. I’ve been jammin’ on my guitar and I must be getting comfy with it again because I’m just goofing through the boring parts of the songs. That’s a good sign.

Gotta get writing though. Drop me a line if you’re out there!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Tomb Raider/Graeme Revell
Maxwell House with choc. & peppermint
MOON PHASE: Waning—Last Quarter tomorrow!
TAROT of the DAY: 3 of CUPS (Marriage/Birth; also joining a group of like-minded individuals; good luck; fulfillment of something long awaited.)

Yes…oblogations. And obligations. Tarot has become my oBLOGation…since I’ve no pertinent news to report on the book (though I expect there will be much coming shortly.) So today as I drew the 13th card for this ‘new addition’ to the blog, I decided to look back over what’s been drawn and analyze if there is anything unusual there. 5 Major Arcana, 4 Cups, 2 Wands, and 1 each of Swords and Pentacles. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 (14 each) of the four suits, totaling 78 cards. How cool is it that, though less than a third of the total cards are considered Major Arcana, the greatest number of the randomly drawn cards are from that group? (I mean sure, that means that 8 are of the Minor Arcana group, but if you multiply that ratio out, it doesn’t equal out…along that math I could draw every Major A card and only have drawn half the Minor A cards…) Next is 4 cards from Cups (the suit of emotions)—less than a fifth of the cards are of that suit, yet a third of the drawn cards are Cups.

So what does this tell me? Hmmm. I’ll have to ponder it. If you’re out there, what do you think of this?

Friday, October 17, 2008


First Knight/Jerry Goldsmith
Custom Blend with peppermint
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: 8 of CUPS (See below.)

This is an interesting card in SOOO many ways. I think many people see it as a ‘let-down in the love department’ and let it go at that. But that’s just the surface of this card… it can mean MANY deeper things. It can mean recognizing people, places, things/situations that no are longer serving you spiritually, and walking away from them (a topic my main character deals with in a subplot). These ‘bad-for-you’ emotional ties are being cut; that’s a good thing that may hurt nonetheless. It may mean adopting new habits in place of old ones, you may struggle to create the new habit, but with determination—and knowing its good for you—will keep you on target and successful. If you’re seeking spirituality on a higher level, this card is golden: it means you’re doing it, you’re taking the painful steps to get there.

I had the opportunity to hang with some like-minded individuals last evening. For me, this card is meaning I need to be more social with like-minded folk to keep growing, to have friendships outside work or kids or family, friendships for me—not in a selfish needy way, but in an ‘I’m-inspired-by-them’ fulfilling way. After a meditation with said group, my mind was brimming with ideas and imagery, with phrases and ‘fiat lux’ (Latin for ‘let light be made’)…the light-bulb over my head was soooo undeniably ON and the illumination it was emanating was heading towards super-nova.

I said to them that I would blog about my oBLOGations, but I’ll save that for another day. I’m gonna bask in this warm light and ruminate.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Phantom/David Newman
Caramel Drizzle + chocolate syrup
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: ACE of WANDS (New venture, idea, project. Creativity/Imagination. Ideas to Action.)

Well, of course I do! But going through it after having put it aside for several months, waiting for the publishing process to do what it does…it’s all fresh and, after addressing the issues of the position of the moon in the sky (taking creative license in some areas is acceptable, but I can’t really alter where an astral body of such significance is going to be…) I’m back in the thick of things and man, I love this story. I’m halfway through and just got all jazzed up again! I can’t wait to share it!

I’d like to think that the TAROT card of the DAY, in the midst of my edits, my writing of BOOK 2, and all the other awesome things going on in my life, means that my ideas are moving into action, and into fruition. YAY! As for this card and how it heralds its meaning to you…hooray! I hope your ideas and projects are positive and creative! May your project bring you as much happiness as mine brings me! :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotti w/choc. & peppermint
TAROT of the DAY: The SUN (Success; pleasure/happiness; creativity; action oriented.)

Instead of drawing the card from my deck today, I pulled one ‘online’ from a site that just gives you a card at random. It came up the Sun. And boy was it right…I was very action-oriented this morning, getting a LOT done before 9 a.m. And I’ve been very diligent about my editing so far.

Yes, I am still editing…and I should be doing that, not this, but a momentary break from the creativity of that for the creativity of this will be good. I’ve had to go back and shift the character’s home from being South-facing to being west facing, flip the floor plan, and add skylights to her bedroom…why? All to be assured that the moon CAN shine into her bedroom so-many days after the full moon, at a certain time, and therefore keep the rest of the plot going. I’ve checked the phase, rise time, set time, etc., all to keep the line true. I even talked to Realtor friends about the accuracy of having the old farmhouse’s storm cellar on the east side of the house. (They concurred that most Ohio storms are from the southwest, so an eastern cellar entrance made sense…)

Betcha never knew writing a book meant that once it was done (hard part) and sold (even harder than finishing a novel) you then had soooo many details to be confirmed. Even down to the coffee shop in chapter 2, the time it takes to drive to the hospital in chapter 7. Not to mention the details of the social/political alternate earth I’ve created where werewolves and vampire and fairy’s all exist with public lives, though the law enforcement are feeling overwhelmed by the publics expectations of them against super-human strength and powers….
Not easy, but what fun! There’s my Sun card, and my world making me all happy because I get to play like this in my writing. I hope everyone out there (you are out there, right? You just lurk and rarely chime in here…) has a stupendously fabulous day.

Monday, October 13, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Return of the King;LOTR/Howard Shore
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Chocolate Velvet w/ peppermint and chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: 9 of CUPS (Wish Card; satisfaction and fulfillment of an emotional dream)

I’ve been called out on my absence! Guilt Trip! *Grinning*
THE EXCUSES: 1.) I’ve been up to eyeballs in editing, 2.) guitar playing in prep for upcoming reunion show, 3.) delivering promotional posters for Strictly 7 Guitars contest, 4.) helping the kids with homework, cooking, cleaning, and sewing scout badges on uniforms, and 5.) the honey had a birthday...that means his favorite dinner cooked up right, a cake decorated right, and...ahem...lengthy presents.
Since I've mentioned the guitar contest...go check it out at:
If you can jam, shred, solo…pony up and enter!!!! I cannot enter as I am considered an 'employee' and/or family of the owner…but alas, there are a few females who have entered already so I feel my gender will be represented. (YAY!) And if you go that's not me in the pic, but a model. I prefer being behind cameras, not in front of them. keeping with the theme of the card of the day...wishes granted, care to share any dreams come true? (Please don't share anything that should 'stay in Vegas' and if you simply must publish something naughty--which I don't think is really the point of wish fulfillment--, then please follow the lead of my terminology and euphemism discretions and mind your language or I'll nix it from the blog.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Absent again... and CONTEXT REPORT

ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Pirates:World’s End/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotii w/ peppermint and chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: MAGICIAN (Represents the potential of a new adventure…but he also brings things out of the darkness and into the light.)

I’ve been MIA. (If we go with the card, I've been inthe dark and am back...hee hee.) My absense has been on purpose, I assure you. I wanted to see if anyone from Context popped over. I felt a disclaimer about the post headers was in order and I didn’t want that post to be shifted down too quickly. But alas, I fear I am here in cyberspace alone, babbling to myself. (SAY HELLO!!!) Well, that never bothered me before so...on with it.

Tanya Huff, Guest of Honor, is very gracious and personable. (‘She has far to many books to list here but may be best known for her Victoria Nelson Blood Books Series.) It was an honor to be on a panel with her. Paula Guran, Editor Guest of Honor, is my editor so, of course, I think she’s awesome. Context is a smaller con, but it was very accessible, the people are friendly and even someone as shy as myself found some interesting folks to chat with, such as Elizabeth Vaughn (Warprize series, Dagger Star) and Josef Matulich of Dalmation Alley…he and his family are costumers/special-effects make-up artists/sculptors/writers… there’s a lot of talent in there. I learned about the social metaphors of zombies (How did I NOT catch that before?), and I got to share thoughts on music with other fans of movie scores. It was a great time, without the hurried atmosphere of larger cons. I certainly hope to go back.