Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Control/Puddle of Mud
Vanilla Biscotti + chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: QUEEN of SWORDS: Faces the truth, even unpleasant truths, and plays by the rules. Has a sense of humor and tells it like it is. (Can't get the picture to load?????)

Rock N Roll.

What does it mean to you? Hey DJ…what does it mean to YOU!?? Is it something on the radio? Something at the dance club? Something at the end of cool movies? The stereo at that party in the dorm….

Let’s go to another level: BARS.

I know the scene, the smell of a bar, the colors and layout. The furniture is different depending on type of bar. Seedy bars are rich in description and texture and layers of clientele. (Martini bars are totally different.) Add the band…but not just any band…add a rock band. They effect the bar. I bet the beverages making up the tabs differ greatly too. An oldies rock band has a different effect than a country band, than a punk rock band, that a top-40 band. And these all assume they are cover-bands. What about the original band? Not only are they different, but the folks they draw in—or drive out—will change according to the band/venue.

Guess I’m thinking about the research I’m about to be able to do with the reunion gig. I know I’ll be paying more attention than usual. At least until the set is over. Then I get to order a beverage. (Can’t play buzzed.)

Soooo…tell me about your favorite bar, your least favorite bar, and why that is so. What makes it great? Location? Music? DJ? Band? Waiter/waitress? Something else/aesthetic like the view, the nostalgia, the other patrons? The availability of a certain brewery? What? What? What?


Laura said...

Probably the coolest bars I've ever been in were in a tiny town in West Virginia called Davis.

Bar #1: Hellbender Burritos. Great logo of a salamander hugging a burrito on the sign. The men's room is decorated with a diorama made of X-Files action figures and the "I Want to Believe" poster. Don't ask me how I know what's in the men's room. Turns out, hellbenders are giant salamanders that live in clear pools of water in WV. Our waitress was a very nice gal who patiently explained to me what seitan was.

Bar #2: Don't remember the name, but it was a cute little coffee shop/bar with outdoor and indoor seating. Waitresses had some unbelievably great ink. Giant carved bears were pillars, holding coffee mugs. Great ice cream. On the entertainment lineup for the weekend was a band called "Enter the Haggis." Best. Band. Name. Ever.

Craven Strangelove said...

My favorite DJ is DJ jadeDJason. He rocks!!! ...I'd say he's like Starbucks for the ears. :-)