Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Absent again... and CONTEXT REPORT

ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Pirates:World’s End/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotii w/ peppermint and chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: MAGICIAN (Represents the potential of a new adventure…but he also brings things out of the darkness and into the light.)

I’ve been MIA. (If we go with the card, I've been inthe dark and am back...hee hee.) My absense has been on purpose, I assure you. I wanted to see if anyone from Context popped over. I felt a disclaimer about the post headers was in order and I didn’t want that post to be shifted down too quickly. But alas, I fear I am here in cyberspace alone, babbling to myself. (SAY HELLO!!!) Well, that never bothered me before so...on with it.

Tanya Huff, Guest of Honor, is very gracious and personable. (‘She has far to many books to list here but may be best known for her Victoria Nelson Blood Books Series.) It was an honor to be on a panel with her. Paula Guran, Editor Guest of Honor, is my editor so, of course, I think she’s awesome. Context is a smaller con, but it was very accessible, the people are friendly and even someone as shy as myself found some interesting folks to chat with, such as Elizabeth Vaughn (Warprize series, Dagger Star) and Josef Matulich of Dalmation Alley…he and his family are costumers/special-effects make-up artists/sculptors/writers… there’s a lot of talent in there. I learned about the social metaphors of zombies (How did I NOT catch that before?), and I got to share thoughts on music with other fans of movie scores. It was a great time, without the hurried atmosphere of larger cons. I certainly hope to go back.


MRasey said...

Yeah, I like Context. Maybe next year I can go with you.

I'm so glad it went well for you.


Anonymous said...

i think ur still mia....im waiting to read a new blog here lol

Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

Yea, you are correct, 'Anonymous.' I have been MIA. Had to go out of town...so sorry. Will post new blog today. Thanks for stoppin' by. :-)