Monday, October 13, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Return of the King;LOTR/Howard Shore
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Chocolate Velvet w/ peppermint and chocolate
TAROT of the DAY: 9 of CUPS (Wish Card; satisfaction and fulfillment of an emotional dream)

I’ve been called out on my absence! Guilt Trip! *Grinning*
THE EXCUSES: 1.) I’ve been up to eyeballs in editing, 2.) guitar playing in prep for upcoming reunion show, 3.) delivering promotional posters for Strictly 7 Guitars contest, 4.) helping the kids with homework, cooking, cleaning, and sewing scout badges on uniforms, and 5.) the honey had a birthday...that means his favorite dinner cooked up right, a cake decorated right, and...ahem...lengthy presents.
Since I've mentioned the guitar contest...go check it out at:
If you can jam, shred, solo…pony up and enter!!!! I cannot enter as I am considered an 'employee' and/or family of the owner…but alas, there are a few females who have entered already so I feel my gender will be represented. (YAY!) And if you go that's not me in the pic, but a model. I prefer being behind cameras, not in front of them. keeping with the theme of the card of the day...wishes granted, care to share any dreams come true? (Please don't share anything that should 'stay in Vegas' and if you simply must publish something naughty--which I don't think is really the point of wish fulfillment--, then please follow the lead of my terminology and euphemism discretions and mind your language or I'll nix it from the blog.)

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