Monday, October 27, 2008


Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country/Cliff Eidelman
Custom blend + chocolate
MOON PHASE: Waning Cresent
TAROT of the DAY: (again...) THE SUN (Success; pleasure/happiness; creativity; action oriented. And for an additional meaning, since this is a 2nd draw of this card...Today is a movement into wholeness through team work. Work together with other people or groups. A relationship can become an art form. Allow yourself and others to be what they really are.)

What am I so jazzed about? …the upcoming reunion gig. I can’t wait to do this show. Not only have I duly practiced, not only do I feel good about my various guitar solos, but I get to play a Strictly 7 Guitar!!! The honey said I could take any of them I wanted. Woo-hoo! I played the Baby Boa yesterday…15% smaller body size, strat-shape, specifically designed with female players in mind. Yeah. It rocks. EMG pick-ups. The fretboard is blank, as in no dots between frets. At first, it threw me…I guess I visually cued on those dots more than I thought, but I’m good now.

As for the card draw... I'm off to deliver promotional material about the guitar company so I'll keep it's counsel in mind. I have a busy week ahead. Will check in here as I can. Drop me a line, if you’re stopping by. Say hi. Tell me what music you’re listening to!

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MRasey said...

Hi. What music are we listening to? Wee Sing children's songs and fingerplays.


Have fun at the reunion show!