Wednesday, October 15, 2008


JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Vanilla Biscotti w/choc. & peppermint
TAROT of the DAY: The SUN (Success; pleasure/happiness; creativity; action oriented.)

Instead of drawing the card from my deck today, I pulled one ‘online’ from a site that just gives you a card at random. It came up the Sun. And boy was it right…I was very action-oriented this morning, getting a LOT done before 9 a.m. And I’ve been very diligent about my editing so far.

Yes, I am still editing…and I should be doing that, not this, but a momentary break from the creativity of that for the creativity of this will be good. I’ve had to go back and shift the character’s home from being South-facing to being west facing, flip the floor plan, and add skylights to her bedroom…why? All to be assured that the moon CAN shine into her bedroom so-many days after the full moon, at a certain time, and therefore keep the rest of the plot going. I’ve checked the phase, rise time, set time, etc., all to keep the line true. I even talked to Realtor friends about the accuracy of having the old farmhouse’s storm cellar on the east side of the house. (They concurred that most Ohio storms are from the southwest, so an eastern cellar entrance made sense…)

Betcha never knew writing a book meant that once it was done (hard part) and sold (even harder than finishing a novel) you then had soooo many details to be confirmed. Even down to the coffee shop in chapter 2, the time it takes to drive to the hospital in chapter 7. Not to mention the details of the social/political alternate earth I’ve created where werewolves and vampire and fairy’s all exist with public lives, though the law enforcement are feeling overwhelmed by the publics expectations of them against super-human strength and powers….
Not easy, but what fun! There’s my Sun card, and my world making me all happy because I get to play like this in my writing. I hope everyone out there (you are out there, right? You just lurk and rarely chime in here…) has a stupendously fabulous day.

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