Sunday, November 16, 2008


*For anyone visiting here because of the Party House Reunion…you MUST go and read the first entry of this blog first. It is a rule; it must be obeyed. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.
** Really, go read the first entry. It will explain the headers here, and actually, the first few posts are pretty funny. I talk about smut. You’ll like it. Go read.

MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: EMPEROR. Today is a day of movement. There can be changes in your daily work/career or in your communication with your father/authority figures. Be a pioneer or visionary to finish this day with success. Move all that you have longed wanted to set in motion.

After the gig … I rolled in about midnight, two tired people in tow. I’m very happy and excited about the whole thing. There were WAY more people than I expected to be there. I guess I was thinking it would be like the old days at the bar…kind of quiet and slow until 9 pm-ish. But no, it was packed when I arrived at 5:30. (I was able to obtain rock-n-roll parking due to someone leaving to get dinner elsewhere….)

Saw many folks I hadn’t seen in years; it was good. I probably saw people I should have known but didn’t recognize. I know I walked right past people I was looking for, so I guess there will be no future in the spy-world for me.

I’ll post pictures here sometime…maybe later today when I’ve had a chance to see some of them. I’ll add them to the end of this post, which I intend to let stand for a few days so anyone passing through sees the * and ** above.

IF you’ve duly read the first post, and this one, ad if you are looking to email me, I’m at lindarobertson01@yahoo. IF you haven’t checked out the guitars, that’s I did the website, be proud of me. ***and just so you know, that awesome Venom 7-string guitar I was supposed to play….damn it…had been tuned to 440 to practice with the cds here at the house. I had not taken it to practice as it was being built…so when we get to the gig, me being the 20-years no-playing-on-stage novice again, I didn’t realize it would be so hard get the thing to hold a tuning to 430, at which we play live. My bad. Not having the 7th string messed me up in the way most guitarist say having it messes them up. I’m used to that upper string being there, and I played the wrong string a few times (a measure here or there) because I place my fingers wrong forgetting I was substituting Ronnie’s guitar. Sigh. That’s my only down-side to the evening…but then I haven’t seen the pictures of me yet. I’m sure I’ll be making faces at those when I see them. Check back. I’ll share. WAIT! Go to and view the picture album for playing guitar. As I get pics from others who were at the gig, I will put more pics in there (so it's not just ME, ME, ME.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Pirates of the Caribbean/Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer
SEDITIOUS (see 11.06.08)
Full, sliding into Waning Gibbous
TAROT of the DAY: The Hermit. Listen today to your own wisdom and experiences. Take your perceptions and emotions serious, they may be right, even if they conflict with other people's opinion. Finish what you have started. Inspire others with your insight.
What a card for today!! The gig is tonight. My first time on stage in 20 years. It is a big deal, but I feel great about it, confident. My honey says he’ll take pics….I’ll post a few here, but don’t look for me to post tomorrow. I will surely be too tired and perhaps a little achy from margaritas or some delicious brown beer (doubt the liederkranz will have Great Lakes Brewery’s Black Out Stout.)

Wish me luck!

Friday, November 14, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last Samurai/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Millstone's Holiday Peppermint. With chocolate, of course.
TAROT of the DAY:JUDGEMENT. Today is a determination to break through judgment, criticism and evaluation associated with three aspects of self, associated with work and creativity, and toward important family members and relationships. Learn to handle judgments coming from others or within self. See clear which are your responsibilities and which are not.

Wow. I just keep getting Major Arcana cards. This one, I know if about me not beating myself up mentally, or making too much seriousness of the gig tomorrow. JUST HAVE FUN. I know the songs, the solos. I can play it, I can get up there and not have stage fright. I can. And I will. I'll have pictures to prove it soon.
And I have heard that I will have big news book-wise to officially announce soon. So check back...

Friday, November 7, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Evanescence; The Open Door
MOON PHASE: Waxing Crescent
TAROT of the DAY: THE CHARIOT This is a day of movement for you. Generate new ideas or solutions, motivate yourself or others to bring it forth to realization or bring a new project into motion. Change what doesn't fit into your reality.
Isn't that just freaky how the tarot does that? Guess what I did today? I launched the website ( ) I told you about yesterday. The 'vehicle' of the guitar company, i.e. it's CHARIOT, is live and rolling. Gotta love that tarot.

Okay, so yesterday, I promised stirring cocks. You saw the top picture, there you go. Introducing...PERVY. He is the mascot of my writing group. Ain't he cute? Tell me what you think.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A WEBSITE, but not mine

*Note...I'm making some changes.
THE USUAL...nope... my coffee with chocolate syrup and peppermint deserves a better name than pep/mocha. Better than boring old 'usual'. Something that sounds slightly, or, *grinning mischeiviously* more than slightly about THE SEDITIOUS. Because drinking coffee with chocolate and peppermint gives me the cocoa-beans and pep to feel like I could rebel over any authority.
MOON PHASE: First Quarter. Hey, that means it is time to think about what you want to bring into your life...the good things.
TAROT of the DAY: OOOO! THE LOVERS! Major Arcana card.
Yup, I am adding webmistress to my list of talents learned the 'hands-on way'. Nope, it won't give me college credit, or earn me a degree or raise my wage, but I know something new. Groovy. Eventually I will do a website for the least I do so hope that the response to the books warrants such a thing. Anywho, go check out when you're able. It should be live in a day or so --I know, I'm premature in announcing the spot, but I'm a girl and that's okay for me-- so go and check it out. For some reason, you publish a site and it takes a while for it to appear, but a blog is instant.

For my W.I.P. I've been working on a smut scene. On the ways to be 'real' in writing about relationships, which are big mighty things of steel that can float, as opposed to relationdingys, which are small, made only of wood, and you better hope there's a life preserver around because it WILL sink. For the males among you dear readers, I'm sure the symbolism of the analogy is not lost on you. But you are males so I'll reiterate: I said WOOD, did you get it?

Hahahahaha. Okay, I'm sure any male reading this is nothing like a relationdingy. But I have a character who might be, so I'm having a lot of fun at his fictional expense.

Tune in tomorrow(or whenever I get back to this page and away from the website...).
I'm talking about stirring cocks and I'll have pictures.