Friday, November 14, 2008


ANTI-SILENCE SOLUTION: Last Samurai/Hans Zimmer
JAVA PRESCRIPTION: Millstone's Holiday Peppermint. With chocolate, of course.
TAROT of the DAY:JUDGEMENT. Today is a determination to break through judgment, criticism and evaluation associated with three aspects of self, associated with work and creativity, and toward important family members and relationships. Learn to handle judgments coming from others or within self. See clear which are your responsibilities and which are not.

Wow. I just keep getting Major Arcana cards. This one, I know if about me not beating myself up mentally, or making too much seriousness of the gig tomorrow. JUST HAVE FUN. I know the songs, the solos. I can play it, I can get up there and not have stage fright. I can. And I will. I'll have pictures to prove it soon.
And I have heard that I will have big news book-wise to officially announce soon. So check back...

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