Thursday, November 6, 2008

A WEBSITE, but not mine

*Note...I'm making some changes.
THE USUAL...nope... my coffee with chocolate syrup and peppermint deserves a better name than pep/mocha. Better than boring old 'usual'. Something that sounds slightly, or, *grinning mischeiviously* more than slightly about THE SEDITIOUS. Because drinking coffee with chocolate and peppermint gives me the cocoa-beans and pep to feel like I could rebel over any authority.
MOON PHASE: First Quarter. Hey, that means it is time to think about what you want to bring into your life...the good things.
TAROT of the DAY: OOOO! THE LOVERS! Major Arcana card.
Yup, I am adding webmistress to my list of talents learned the 'hands-on way'. Nope, it won't give me college credit, or earn me a degree or raise my wage, but I know something new. Groovy. Eventually I will do a website for the least I do so hope that the response to the books warrants such a thing. Anywho, go check out when you're able. It should be live in a day or so --I know, I'm premature in announcing the spot, but I'm a girl and that's okay for me-- so go and check it out. For some reason, you publish a site and it takes a while for it to appear, but a blog is instant.

For my W.I.P. I've been working on a smut scene. On the ways to be 'real' in writing about relationships, which are big mighty things of steel that can float, as opposed to relationdingys, which are small, made only of wood, and you better hope there's a life preserver around because it WILL sink. For the males among you dear readers, I'm sure the symbolism of the analogy is not lost on you. But you are males so I'll reiterate: I said WOOD, did you get it?

Hahahahaha. Okay, I'm sure any male reading this is nothing like a relationdingy. But I have a character who might be, so I'm having a lot of fun at his fictional expense.

Tune in tomorrow(or whenever I get back to this page and away from the website...).
I'm talking about stirring cocks and I'll have pictures.

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