Saturday, December 20, 2008


You guessed it, you wild bunch of 'ne'er-do-comments' readers...I'm outta here. So sneak in and leave me a note while I'm out. Surprise me for Yule! It'll be a hoot. Tell me: should I add something (and name what) to the headers section toppin' every post except this one? Or should I kill the whole header thing? Dunno.

I've baked about 10 dozen cookies (2 different kinds) and dipped 2 bags of pretzels which were then decorated with festive little red and green trees or snowflakes. Will decorate cookies tomorrow. I'm tired.

As I was saying, tho, I'm going to head home for the holidays so I won't be able to do a post for a few days...or read any comments. "Not that I foresee this as being a problem," she said, wiping cobwebs from the comment box. (HINT, HINT.)

So, my wish for you: may you spend time with loved ones, and celebrate and smile.
CHEERS! Here's a giggle to end on...

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