Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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vanilla biscotti with raspberry syrup, mmmmm
(yesterday was the Lunar New Year!)
TAROT of the DAY:
dedicated, doggedly persistent, driven

First, allow me to say…I love JUNO BOOKS! I love POCKET BOOKS! I love SIMON & SCHUSTER! Yes, you should all go (when the weather clears and the roads are safe) to your nearest bookstore and purchase something they published. You will like it. Its okay if you’re not a regular reader, you will be fine…just turn off the TV and READ something. Let your imagination out for a change. Be empowered by your own brain, be mystified by the power of words and the magic of the story unfolding in your mind… not on the shiny light box that imagines for you.

I just received my contract—a three book deal! Official! Yay!

I always said I wouldn’t self-publish or go through vanity press because if I didn’t get a real New York publisher, it didn’t count. This counts!!!! Celebration time! Margarita’s anyone?

More seriously, or—more accurately—soberly (as 1: its early, and 2: I actually have no margaritas in the house -gasp- and there’s eight inches of snow since last evening and five-to-eight inches more expected…so I’m not going out to get any), getting the contract is only part of the job—albeit the hard part a writer actually has some control over. The next hard part is completely out of my control. Sales.

Will those dear people who read Urban Fantasy pick up my book and make that decision to purchase? Will they enjoy the story and the characters so much they will await book two and purchase it as well? And book three? Will I get a shot at more?

For twenty years I have dreamed of the real, solid, tangible contract, of those specific words, my name, my title, inked on legal-size paper sent to me from someone in New York who believes in me. For twenty years I have written and written and written… written poorly, stupidly, the wrong thing for the market, the usual tropes already overdone. Each time, I learned a little. In the last few months I learned so much MORE. There aren’t really teachers for this. Twenty years ago I sat in a senior year creative writing class…and a teacher took notice. He talked to me about what I was writing. He offered to take my story home and read it on his time. I still have that copy where he wrote on the top of the page that he was astounded by some of the imagery a high school senior had created. I’m still inspired by that feeling, that moment when a stranger said, ‘wow’ about something I wrote. That spark inside me has burned for twenty years because he encouraged me. A daunting amount of time, but a real New York publisher is taking a chance on me.

I’ve shown I am dedicated, persistent and driven like the Knight of Pentacles; now I will endeavor to remain reliable and hardworking. I cannot express how grateful I am, or how deep I will reach to prove worthy of it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT from my Publisher

YAY!!!!!!! This is really good news!!!!

A New Era for Juno
New York, New York (January 19, 2009) – Louise Burke, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Pocket Books, has announced a new co-publishing agreement with Juno Books, best known for contemporary fantasy novels that emphasize strong female protagonists in richly imagined contexts. Juno will become an imprint of Pocket Books, publishing one title per month with the first release, AMAZON INK by Lori Devoti, slated for June 2009.
Juno Books began its publishing program in Fall 2006 and quickly became noted in the fantasy fiction genre for such breakout successes as Carole Nelson Douglas and Stacia Kane and garnering critical acclaim for many of their titles.
“Pocket Books and Juno Books are a great fit,” said Louise Burke. “We’ve seen great growth in this category, are delighted to now have a dedicated line, and look forward to helping to cultivate a wider audience for Juno’s terrific roster of authors.”
Juno Books Editor Paula Guran said: “I’m tremendously excited about the opportunity to help take Juno to the next level through our association with Pocket Books. Both Juno and fantasy readers in general will gain immensely by sales and marketing reach of Pocket Books and Simon & Schuster, while still getting the best of our editorial sensibility.”
Pocket Books Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle will work in concert with Juno Books Editor Paula Guran.

My book, VICIOUS CIRCLE will be the #2 release, slated for July 2009.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My blog put out an A.P.B. on me...

My blog has certainly been neglected. I haven't seen my blog in 3 weeks. I am ashamed and have been duly scolded. I'll tell Jim to spank me...

Aside from having my birthday, a generous amount of snowfall in recent days and some frigid temperatures that have caused snow days for the kids and left me wanting to do nothing but hide under my electric blanket...I'm in the midst of edits for Vicious Circle (VC) and working on book two--Hallowed Circle (HC). That's my non-blog excuse and I'm sticking to it. Trust me, I have not been researching a smut scene involving flavored oils. (Though my writing group did have an entertaining discussion on chocolate thongs.) I have not been skiing. (Because sliding across the kitchen floor in snow-damp hiking boots does not count.) I have not been consuming dangerous numbers of margaritas. (Though I have considered how that might help my thought process...) What I have done is visit my mother--and her water pipes promptly froze and we had no hot water.

However, the direction shift, from VC for edits, and back to HC for its first draft, is very strenuous--hence the idea that margaritas may be helpful. But I am learning a TON! As I see what is questioned (and why) in VC, I endeavor to not repeat that mistake in HC. My editor is awesome. My editor is awesome. My editor is awesome. My editor is awesome. (new mantra) She makes me think about the hard things (and margaritas do help THAT). She keeps me focused. And somehow, where other writers may have been pissed or may have fought against the sage wisdom she is imparting, I still want to take her out and share a pitcher of margaritas.
Ain't I sweet?