Saturday, January 17, 2009

My blog put out an A.P.B. on me...

My blog has certainly been neglected. I haven't seen my blog in 3 weeks. I am ashamed and have been duly scolded. I'll tell Jim to spank me...

Aside from having my birthday, a generous amount of snowfall in recent days and some frigid temperatures that have caused snow days for the kids and left me wanting to do nothing but hide under my electric blanket...I'm in the midst of edits for Vicious Circle (VC) and working on book two--Hallowed Circle (HC). That's my non-blog excuse and I'm sticking to it. Trust me, I have not been researching a smut scene involving flavored oils. (Though my writing group did have an entertaining discussion on chocolate thongs.) I have not been skiing. (Because sliding across the kitchen floor in snow-damp hiking boots does not count.) I have not been consuming dangerous numbers of margaritas. (Though I have considered how that might help my thought process...) What I have done is visit my mother--and her water pipes promptly froze and we had no hot water.

However, the direction shift, from VC for edits, and back to HC for its first draft, is very strenuous--hence the idea that margaritas may be helpful. But I am learning a TON! As I see what is questioned (and why) in VC, I endeavor to not repeat that mistake in HC. My editor is awesome. My editor is awesome. My editor is awesome. My editor is awesome. (new mantra) She makes me think about the hard things (and margaritas do help THAT). She keeps me focused. And somehow, where other writers may have been pissed or may have fought against the sage wisdom she is imparting, I still want to take her out and share a pitcher of margaritas.
Ain't I sweet?

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