Thursday, February 19, 2009


Conan the Barbarian/Basil Poledoris
Tanzanian Peaberry w/
chocolate and peppermint syrups
Waning Cresent...
only a few days til New Moon.
TAROT of the DAY:
Again, I pull the Wish Card in a random draw. Can I tell you how happy I am? I'm REALLY happy. This card came up on Oct. 13th and I scanned back, thinking it was in there again somewhere...but alas, I don't find it. Regardless, this is a great card, it speaks of wish fulfillment, and of happiness in general.
My books are being published and I'm sitting here with a cup of the best coffee ever. Of course I'm happy. And yeah...for me, happiness can be as simple as a good cup of java. Not to slight the massive glee that any wannabe author experiences during the publishing process. However, I have blogged about my books, and will remark on updates...but first let me tell you about this coffee.
Tanzanian Peaberry (we call it Tasmanian Devil-berry around here because that is much more fun to say) is my ultimate favorite coffee. I get it at Crown Tower in Mansfield Ohio. Go there. Buy a pound or two. You'll be sooo glad you did. (No this is not a paid endorsement of any kind. However, if the kind folks at Crown Tower ever read this...)
I'm also thinking about going to a few conventions, and wondering which ones I should try to attend. There are soooo many cool author's out there I want to meet. Most have blogs I read, and they sound so funny.
I am hoping soon to be able to post the image of the book cover here, on FFF, and get some standard promo stuff like bookmarks.
If anyone out there has any suggestions on conventions, promo items, etc., I'd be delighted to read your opinions! Do tell!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Highlander/Stewart Copeland
vanilla biscotti with chocolate syrup
MOON PHASE: waxing gibbous
(FULL on the 9th!)
In this card we see sunny skies and a woman taming the lion. The infinity loop above her head points to the infinite inner strength within each one of us. We don't always have control of outer circumstances, the lion shows us that potential for difficulty, however we do have a choice of how we deal with our circumstances. When we make conscious efforts to let go of negativity with acts of forgiveness, release, etc. We tame the beast, and regain a sense of empowerment. Letting go of what no longer serves our highest good allows us to have strength and sustenance regardless of our circumstances. (From / )

An interesting card…one I can readily apply to the main character of my WIP. (that means work in progress, Jason.) As for applying it to my own life...hmmm will have to ponder. It's early and my java presciption is only half-consumed.

Writers, you must read Stacia Kane’s live journal. Previously here I have raved about her Sex-Writing Strumpet series. Now, a shorter course, A Novel in Three Acts. She’s on the 2nd act already so you may have to go back a few days to find part one. If you’re a writer, this is one of those things that if you don’t actively do it already, it’s a take a step back and see the forest AND the trees thing. Go read it at:

In case anyone noticed…I changed my live journal username. In Vicious Circle, my heroine’s “hero title” was changed from Lustrara to Lustrata. The former being my live journal identity, I see now that the character hero-title idea was silly (especially since it has changed). So, I coughed up the $15.oo to change my username. linda_robertston is now my live-journal username. I guess I should’ve known that author name recognition was a better idea, but I guess I was thinking personal anonymity was better in this ID swiping age.

So go read Stacia's blog!