Thursday, April 23, 2009

MARCON and friends' blogs

First, a GI-HUGE-IC thank you to everyone who read my post there and played along by coming to my website to find the height of the character Johnny. I read throught he comments, and so many had positive things to say about the excerpt! Thank you. As a newbie author, I can't tell you how cool that is. My cheeks hurt from smiling. :-) And second …thank you, LORI DEVOTI, for asking me to be a part of your wonderful "A Full Moon of Werewolves" blog-series! And third: thank you to everyone who participated in the aforementioned blog series. All the authors and post-ers over there this month were awesome! I’ve added many books to my to-be-read list!

If you haven't been over there, you can go and get in on the goodies and giveaways until April 25th, so you're not too late! Go check em out! link:

And I did mention Marcon, didn't I? Yeah. I'm going! Awesome fellow writers from my writing group are also attending the Columbus, Ohio event May 22-24. (Also planning to go to Dragon Con in Atlanta in September, but more on that later....)

My friend Laura Bickle has also had a manuscript accepted from Juno/Pocket Books. She will also be attending Marcon and we have a table for some promotional stuff and we're hoping to do a give-away, so if you go--look us up! And check out Laura's blog at:

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salamanderstales said...

Thanks, Linda! Looking forward to it! :-)