Saturday, May 30, 2009

Totally Lame Post

This is my puppy-girl. Her name is Bela. Can you see, she's smiling for her picture?
Just had to share. I warned you it was a lame post.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Post-MARCON Post

Was that title redundant?

Well...there we were. What fun we had! Despite it being not-so-heavy into books, I met many folks who were delightful, entertaining, friendly, chatty and fun. I love that the people who go to such efforts on their costumes (and OMG, do they make astounding efforts!!!) are "in character." Klingons roam around and act like it degrades them to ride elevators with human scum, then you see 'em playing poker with a table full of regulars and it cracks you up. From Ghostbusters to Jenga Fett (whom I mistakenly called Boba mistake, and I realized it after you'd gone), Dr. Who-ligans (get it...hooligans???, hey Brig, I made a funny!) to Stargate crews, from the Joker to Tia Dalma, MARCON is sooo much fun.

Here's some pic's I snapped, but I did not take as many as I should have.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going to MARCON

Tomorrow I will be heading out with writing group friends (ever good company to be in!!!) and visiting Columbus for the Multiple Alternate Realities Convention, or MARCon. Always fun, good panels, costuming, and a little Rocky Horror for good measure. Will take pictures and, hopefully, provide a report on the quality of local margaritas or, perhaps, the availability (or lack thereof...) of decent Stouts. Of course, I will post pictures and some general bookishness comments. (I'll give highlights of panels I get to see, and mention any awesome authors I get to meet...) My writing group, well it's not MINE but I'm a part of it, the OHIO WRITERS NETWORK has a table there somewhere and we'll be promoting our books--I'll have an excerpt available and Laura Bickle has EMBERS coming out next year. She's doing a gift card giveaway (5 gift cards worth 10 each, so sign up! you have 5 chances to win!), we'll have CANDY (yes candy!!!), and there's talk of a room party Friday but my details aren't clear yet, so stop by the table and say hi! (Don't be shy. And did I mention there's candy?) We'll fill you in on the scoop.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Totally Geekin' Out

In spite of having a crappy couple of days, last night brought my grin back in force. The honey and my 2nd eldest went with me to see STAR TREK. Now, the honey said he's seen maybe one episode of Star Trek. "The one with, um...tribbles?" he said. Totally non-geek. The boy had probably better Trek knowledge than the honey, but then he's my boy.

And, in preparation for leaving, I frowned and said, "Wait...I don't have anything Trekkie to wear." Jim promptly replied, "If you do, I'm not going with you." He proceeded to mumble something about weirdo's decked out as Klingons. I told him, "You would make a GREAT Klingon, with your long curly hair and goatee and stern eyes." All he needs is a ridged forehead piece and armor and those groovy boots with the sharp horn coming off the toe like a Velociraptor claw. He could even wear the boots on stage when he plays. (Very heavy, prog metal.)

As it turned out there were seven people in the 8:30 showing. We accounted for three of them. Concerned about this, I expressed my fear that perhaps I couldn't live here...there aren't enough Trekkies. I'm almost a lone geek in this town. (I don't think most folks here realized we had a sneak peek or that it opened on a Thursday.)

Regardless, I completely enjoyed this movie. I won't spoil anything for anyone out there, but THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME. Go see it! Plot is great, acting is great (they pegged the original cast down to mannerisms and everything!), CGI is perfect. Tension, action, explosions. What more could a girl want in a movie?

Admittedly, I shed a tear at the start...I mean the opening credits, not any kind of action scene. I did this dad would have been there with me and, in spirit, he was. As a kid he always took me to see these movies, since I had enjoyed the syndicated episodes (followed by Kung Fu). One of my clearest memories is from the summer when the Wrath of Khan came out. My mom was babysitting another girl my age and he took us both to see it. (Khan was sooo scary!) I remember it being hot outside, but the theater was cool, almost cold. And I remember those Ceti Eels Khan puts in the ears of Chekov and Terrell. (See? I am a total geek. I know these crazy things.) That scene made me pull my feet up into the chair with me, as if Ceti Eels were slithering all around the floor of the theater eating dropped popcorn. That scene still squiggs me out.

Sigh...there's just something about seeing the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 swing by, see the nacelles flash and zip into warp that makes a girl (well this girl anyway) smile.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What I Did This Weekend, with Pictures!

So the honey and I did something new.

Really new.

He'd never done it before.

And we took pictures.

We did book research together. Not for that kind of scene, get a net and retrieve your mind from the dark waters of the gutter for a moment. We did this ON our feet.

Wait, I know, that's not specifically indicative of things free of mind-in-the-gutter-ness. But I assure you we were fully clothed, and in full view of the public. In fact, we saw security guards often, but none were tempted to arrest us for anything indecent. (Unless one considers looking like goofy tourists to be indecent.)

We went to Cleveland, to Public Square (and all points surrounding) to track down the best spots to use for scenes in the as yet untitled BOOK THREE. (And yes, I've said Bloody Circle, the editor has said Dead Circle...truth is, we don't know know. It will likely be neither of those, so I'm saying untitled from now on.) So here are some shots:

Here's the scene from Tower City with the big Hard Rock Guitar sign; the Q and the Jake, I mean Prog Field in the distance....
We had lunch at Hard Rock and our server was awesome, even offered some aid in directions around town. (THANKS!) Here's inside Tower architechture and arched glass roof.

Below is the gorgeous Arcade.

Seriously, this place is sooo beautiful I couldn't NOT have it in the book, could I?

And let me say that this little alley entrance to Zocalo was so charming with it's brickwork and benches and party lights, it has to go in somewhere. Then the honey said the Patrôn would "mess you up fast" (of course he probably just meant "me" as in the alcohol-tolerance lightweight that I personally am) and that made me think of the character Johnny. So guess who's going there? And again, our server at Zocalo was also delightful. (THANKS!)

Of course my mission was for something even more awesome than any of this, and it's a secret for now. Don't want to give it away. But we had an awesome day, met many friendly and helpful folks and I am looking forward to casting some positive light on Cleveland. If, that is, the association of vampires, wærewolves and witches in the city can be a positive....