Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going to MARCON

Tomorrow I will be heading out with writing group friends (ever good company to be in!!!) and visiting Columbus for the Multiple Alternate Realities Convention, or MARCon. Always fun, good panels, costuming, and a little Rocky Horror for good measure. Will take pictures and, hopefully, provide a report on the quality of local margaritas or, perhaps, the availability (or lack thereof...) of decent Stouts. Of course, I will post pictures and some general bookishness comments. (I'll give highlights of panels I get to see, and mention any awesome authors I get to meet...) My writing group, well it's not MINE but I'm a part of it, the OHIO WRITERS NETWORK has a table there somewhere and we'll be promoting our books--I'll have an excerpt available and Laura Bickle has EMBERS coming out next year. She's doing a gift card giveaway (5 gift cards worth 10 each, so sign up! you have 5 chances to win!), we'll have CANDY (yes candy!!!), and there's talk of a room party Friday but my details aren't clear yet, so stop by the table and say hi! (Don't be shy. And did I mention there's candy?) We'll fill you in on the scoop.

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salamanderstales said...

I'm excited to see you guys! :)