Monday, May 25, 2009

Post-MARCON Post

Was that title redundant?

Well...there we were. What fun we had! Despite it being not-so-heavy into books, I met many folks who were delightful, entertaining, friendly, chatty and fun. I love that the people who go to such efforts on their costumes (and OMG, do they make astounding efforts!!!) are "in character." Klingons roam around and act like it degrades them to ride elevators with human scum, then you see 'em playing poker with a table full of regulars and it cracks you up. From Ghostbusters to Jenga Fett (whom I mistakenly called Boba mistake, and I realized it after you'd gone), Dr. Who-ligans (get it...hooligans???, hey Brig, I made a funny!) to Stargate crews, from the Joker to Tia Dalma, MARCON is sooo much fun.

Here's some pic's I snapped, but I did not take as many as I should have.


salamanderstales said...

Love 'em! I laughed so hard that Diet Coke came out my nose!

Motherhood for the Weak said...

very funny!


Anonymous said...

It was great talking with you at the party on Friday.

Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

Hi Al! I had a great time talking to you too! Congrats again on your success, and I hope to see a novel in the future... (hint!)

thanks M!

And coke out the nose? OUCH bet that burned!