Friday, May 8, 2009

Totally Geekin' Out

In spite of having a crappy couple of days, last night brought my grin back in force. The honey and my 2nd eldest went with me to see STAR TREK. Now, the honey said he's seen maybe one episode of Star Trek. "The one with, um...tribbles?" he said. Totally non-geek. The boy had probably better Trek knowledge than the honey, but then he's my boy.

And, in preparation for leaving, I frowned and said, "Wait...I don't have anything Trekkie to wear." Jim promptly replied, "If you do, I'm not going with you." He proceeded to mumble something about weirdo's decked out as Klingons. I told him, "You would make a GREAT Klingon, with your long curly hair and goatee and stern eyes." All he needs is a ridged forehead piece and armor and those groovy boots with the sharp horn coming off the toe like a Velociraptor claw. He could even wear the boots on stage when he plays. (Very heavy, prog metal.)

As it turned out there were seven people in the 8:30 showing. We accounted for three of them. Concerned about this, I expressed my fear that perhaps I couldn't live here...there aren't enough Trekkies. I'm almost a lone geek in this town. (I don't think most folks here realized we had a sneak peek or that it opened on a Thursday.)

Regardless, I completely enjoyed this movie. I won't spoil anything for anyone out there, but THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME. Go see it! Plot is great, acting is great (they pegged the original cast down to mannerisms and everything!), CGI is perfect. Tension, action, explosions. What more could a girl want in a movie?

Admittedly, I shed a tear at the start...I mean the opening credits, not any kind of action scene. I did this dad would have been there with me and, in spirit, he was. As a kid he always took me to see these movies, since I had enjoyed the syndicated episodes (followed by Kung Fu). One of my clearest memories is from the summer when the Wrath of Khan came out. My mom was babysitting another girl my age and he took us both to see it. (Khan was sooo scary!) I remember it being hot outside, but the theater was cool, almost cold. And I remember those Ceti Eels Khan puts in the ears of Chekov and Terrell. (See? I am a total geek. I know these crazy things.) That scene made me pull my feet up into the chair with me, as if Ceti Eels were slithering all around the floor of the theater eating dropped popcorn. That scene still squiggs me out.

Sigh...there's just something about seeing the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 swing by, see the nacelles flash and zip into warp that makes a girl (well this girl anyway) smile.


salamanderstales said...

You know, we intended to see Star Trek on Saturday...but I was a party-pooper and was too tired to go out (lame, huh?).

But we're hoping to go this week. Can't wait!

Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

I was so jazzed when we left the theater that I didn't even realize it was 11--WAY past my bedtime. It was hard to settle down and sleep. Hope you two make it soon! Definitely worth it!!!!!