Sunday, May 3, 2009

What I Did This Weekend, with Pictures!

So the honey and I did something new.

Really new.

He'd never done it before.

And we took pictures.

We did book research together. Not for that kind of scene, get a net and retrieve your mind from the dark waters of the gutter for a moment. We did this ON our feet.

Wait, I know, that's not specifically indicative of things free of mind-in-the-gutter-ness. But I assure you we were fully clothed, and in full view of the public. In fact, we saw security guards often, but none were tempted to arrest us for anything indecent. (Unless one considers looking like goofy tourists to be indecent.)

We went to Cleveland, to Public Square (and all points surrounding) to track down the best spots to use for scenes in the as yet untitled BOOK THREE. (And yes, I've said Bloody Circle, the editor has said Dead Circle...truth is, we don't know know. It will likely be neither of those, so I'm saying untitled from now on.) So here are some shots:

Here's the scene from Tower City with the big Hard Rock Guitar sign; the Q and the Jake, I mean Prog Field in the distance....
We had lunch at Hard Rock and our server was awesome, even offered some aid in directions around town. (THANKS!) Here's inside Tower architechture and arched glass roof.

Below is the gorgeous Arcade.

Seriously, this place is sooo beautiful I couldn't NOT have it in the book, could I?

And let me say that this little alley entrance to Zocalo was so charming with it's brickwork and benches and party lights, it has to go in somewhere. Then the honey said the Patrôn would "mess you up fast" (of course he probably just meant "me" as in the alcohol-tolerance lightweight that I personally am) and that made me think of the character Johnny. So guess who's going there? And again, our server at Zocalo was also delightful. (THANKS!)

Of course my mission was for something even more awesome than any of this, and it's a secret for now. Don't want to give it away. But we had an awesome day, met many friendly and helpful folks and I am looking forward to casting some positive light on Cleveland. If, that is, the association of vampires, wærewolves and witches in the city can be a positive....


salamanderstales said...

Very, very cool pix!

I'm hoping to get back down to Serpent Mound, myself, this spring to do some book research. We may also wander up to Detroit to snap some pictures and wander around. My honey is a native Detroiter, so he's relishing the idea of playing tour guide for his home city.

Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

The ley line in Vicious Circle, I say, runs from the Serpent Mound to Indian Point Park! COOL! And I'd love to tromp around the serpent mound again if the mister can't go with you for some reason. Let me know. I'd considered having her need to go there for some ley-line reason... hee hee.

salamanderstales said...

Cool! When you have time, let me know, and we could make a girls' trip of it. My characters make a trip to Serpent Mound in EMBERS. It's one of my favorite spots! Several years ago, I signed a petition to get that put on Ohio's state quarter, but that didn't go anywhere. Bummer!