Thursday, June 11, 2009


BLACKNESS TOWER by Lillian Stewart Carl

Okay, so I had a bit of the outpatient surgery and have been rather unmotivated about moving around. So, of course that meant I had to curl up with a book from the ever-growing to be read pile.

This one, for some reason, was near the bottom of said pile, but it had been high in my mind as one to read soon. I'm bad, I know. It takes me a month or so to read a book because, well...I have a bunch of boys and a couple of dogs. They need me (to feed them and clean up after them, anyway).

This book, a Gothic romance of past and present, had mystery, Scotland and magic! It held my attention until I'd finished...a mere 4 days later. (A miracle for me!!!) Lillian's words are mysterious and evocative, lush and--at times--eerie. The characters are very well drawn, and the tale, I found, was very intriguing and delightful.

I'm not one to review books, or read reviews of books. (I read the cover and decide from there if the book is for me.) However, Lillian's writing skills shine in Blackness Tower. Her words were so haunting and moving, they just SOOO created the imagery for that little cinema in my head. I had to share.


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