Monday, June 22, 2009

New Moon, as in the actual moon... & SQUEE!

(this post has nothing to do with the upcoming movie that has everyone all gaga)

The Moon is New. So what does that mean?

The moon cycles through two phases, waxing and waning. Waxing means the moon is going from dark to full. Waning means the moon is going from full to dark. Simple, right? Waxing, that dark orb filling up, growing bigger and brighter every day. Use this time to draw the good things to you, making your life better and brighter, too. Examples are, good new habits, like studying, exercising, making time to write. You get it. And, of course, flip it for the second phase. Waning means the moon is emptying out. During that time you want to sweep away the bad things like negativity, doubt, heartache, bad habits (you know your vices & you which should go & why). With a little creativity, you can apply this simple pattern in a variety of helpful ways.

Try this:
Decide what you want more of, what positive qualities do want to bring into your life?

Success? Happiness? Love? Decide, then spend the next two weeks building up a daily affirmation. Make it a simple phrase that you say with some task you repeat every morning. I say mine while stirring the chocolate into my coffee. You're laying the groundwork for a better regime of self-talk, and you should feel a positive vibe, a good change. To keep it going, as the moon shifts to waning, change your affirmation to a simple phrase the releases something negative that is in the way of that goal.

You can do it! You own your mind, and only you can make your self-talk positive. Be your own cheerleader, just don't carry around the pom-poms, okay? No negative inner-monologues!

And as for my SQUEE!!!! I received a package in the mail today...two copies of VICIOUS CIRCLE, hot off the press! WOO-HOO! I actually got to hold in my hands my first published book! What an amazing feeling! And what a great day for it to arrive. :-)

8 days 'til VICIOUS CIRCLE hits the stores....


salamanderstales said...

Congrats on having the books in your hands!

And great background info on the new moon..! Sometimes, living in the city, it's easy to forget what's happening up there and how it affects what's happening below.

Jacqueline C said...

Congrats on your upcoming release!


Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

Thank so much Laura and Jacqueline!