Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fool. Again.

We've seen this one before...and recently. Hmmm.

I gave your the definition from The Mystic Eye last time we saw this card, so this time I offer the definition from a website I'm rather fond of. (Italics are my doing, not the websites.) "When the fool card is drawn you are about to embark on an adventure or you are in the midst of a course of action that has some degree of newness and excitement to it. A great deal of potential lies ahead. It is important at this time to maintain balance. In this card the young man dances along happily. He is fully in the present moment and enjoying himself very much. He isn't caught up in the past and he isn't worried over the future... he is fully present and aware. This allows him to make the most of the potential of any given moment. At this time you benefit by pouring all your energy into the task at hand - if you get too caught up in wonder/worry over the future or spend too much time looking back you stop moving. You can only discover how much you are capable of if you are willing to make the most of the circumstances you find yourself in presently and learn from them as you go. This is a card of fresh starts/new beginnings.

So, with edits about done, I'm going to pour all my focus into that, then move back to BOOK THREE and "make the most of the circumstances" the characters have found themselves in...mwahahahaha.

So...what do YOU take from this card?

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