Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Knight of Wands

I love this card. I just do. It's movement to me and if you know me, and read the ata-tarot meaning, you'll understand perfectly:

http://www.ata-tarot.com/ says: "There is no card in the Tarot that portrays such daring and enthusiasm as the Knight of Wands. His energy and courage are boundless, and he has no fear of anything; while this sometimes serves to get him into trouble, these are also the means by which he can free himself from any detrimental situation. There are few times when he does not move with the speed of a flash of lightning. When he rides into the area he always kicks up dust behind him..."

http://www.salemtarot.com/ says: "The energy of this card is that of action and movement. Harness this energy, but remember to “ground” yourself. You must think clearly to accomplish your goals. Don't get caught up in the situation: take time to think things through before you act."
I've recently harnessed the energy of the Knight for certain. Yesterday I cleaned up a storm, and didn't write one single word on the book. And it was nice. It felt good. (weird, huh?) I have to admit, my mind wanders as I'm running that vaccum, as I'm wiping down the microwave, changing bed sheets. What if Menessos did this? What if Johnny does that? And then the kids give me the "she's lost it" look when I chuckle to myself.
Sometimes, the best ideas blossom when your hands aren't poised over the keys, when you're not sedentary staring at the screen with just your mind racing. Sometimes, it's in the moving itself, like the mind has to move forward because the body is moving. It's not always about sitting in front of the computer.

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