Monday, July 20, 2009

The Magician & my weekend... says the Magician is "...the ultimate card of manifesting. In this card he points his hand to the sky and looks at all the elements on the altar before him. When this card comes up your thoughts/beliefs are about to take shape - this can mean an enourmous surge of determination and creative energy or it can indicate challenges due to negativity. When you catch yourself saying "I can't" what you believe will manifest, but fortunately the opposite is also true, when you believe in yourself and are determined positive goals will manifest for you as well. Take your energy and consciously direct it towards positive thoughts and actions at this time and you will get a lot accomplished!"

No more negative self-talk! Not for me or for you out there!!
I met this weekend with someone who influenced me in the past, through simple honest encouragement. We talked about many things Friday, but the most important thing, the thing I want to share with everyone is this: the seed you plant, an idea, a pat-on-the-back, an encouraging word --or the negative flip-sides of those-- has the potential to grow in those you plant them with. People can, through their self-talk, nurture those seeds, for good or for ill, and that may be what flourishes in their life. Granted this is up to them, what they do with what they are told, but if there are people in your life whom you care about, take the time to be honest and be encouraging. You never know what may happen in twenty years that they might thank you for. (That's how it worked in my case, anyway....)
With that said, I'm off to write, write , write and manifest those words onto the page!!!

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