Thursday, July 30, 2009


Oooo...the moon! (She'll be full in about 6 days!)

This is a card a writer can work with. Check it out:

In her book Solitary Witch, Silver Ravenwolf says this is a card of "Intuition; deception; night work; instinct; struggle for sanity; change; possible confusion; magick; gossip; stuck between a rock and a hard place; self-esteem issues; empathic."
And says: "When the Moon appears in your present, things are not as they seem. Deception of one’s self, or from another, is strongly indicated. Extreme caution when dealing with others is advised. New information comes to you, possibly in dreams or through a vision. In any case, when the truth is exposed, it must be dealt with. Accepting the darker, wilder side can bring peace; denial only brings chaos."

Presently, I have some characters dealing with a bit of this....mwahahahahaha!

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