Monday, July 6, 2009


The Two of Wands, in my interpretation is indicative of a new partnership, the forming of a new goal--especially a creative project, success, and overcoming obstacles and hardships by using your own initiative. It's a goal card that says you've got an idea that has get to work and make it manifest!
The suit of Wands typically deal with Communicating, as a writer...hmmm, communicating is kind of a thing for me. In novel form. So, I of course like this suit. says: "...the Two of Wands means taking control of the territory around the action" (indicated by the ace of wands) and, "Making something one's own. Making a statement of ownership."
I've discovered that having the kids home from school is as much of a writing distraction as I feared it would be...and overcoming this obstacle, is only done when I buckle down and make it so. I have to make writing time my own. When I don't "take control of the territory around the action" (i.e. my writing room...) I don't get much done.

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