Thursday, July 30, 2009


Okay, so I've been gone and neglected my tarot of the day for a few days. I've been busy. I need more hours in the day. Like 12 more. Would we all really have mental breakdowns if we had more time in each day? (K says so in MIB.) I mean don't egg farmers control chicken's day/night environments so they lay more eggs? Wouldn't we be more productive too? Just think, 36 hour days, and you still work only 8? That's 10 to sleep, and you still have half of the day left for all your chores, helping the kids with homework, and just relaxing. Wouldn't we all be happier?

Anyway. So, on with the card. says, "The World is the twenty-second card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number 21 to indicate the subconscious mind of the High Priestess (2) uniting completely with the conscious mind of the Magician (1)."

Now there's something that hadn't occurred to me before. And how the central figure in this card is often considered a Hermaphrodite, that blending of female subconscious and male conscious is made a bit more interesting.

Salem Tarot also says, "A figure dances in the center of a giant victory wreath. The creatures that symbolize the four elements have materialized, taking on more realistic forms." and "The dancer passes through the wreath, entering a new phase of development, holding two wands. These wands channel the energy outward and inward, in an endless flow. The Wheel has come full circle, and the Dance of Life begins again, coiling ever upward toward divinity."

A fascinating card, to be sure. But there's more!

"The World is a card of unlimited potential put into experienced hands: the opportunity of a lifetime. Its image literally states “the sky’s the limit”. If you have been waiting for your chance, this is IT. You have the tools to accomplish your goal, and the door is open. The World is a card of action. Of all the Major Arcana, only the first (The Fool) and the last (The World) show movement. While The Fool is like the dawn of creation and its promise, the World is like the hallmark of self-actualization. The benefits indicated by this card are truly as limitless as the cosmos it represents."

And who doesn't want to hear that the door is open?

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