Monday, August 3, 2009

I have been accused of...

...spoiling my kids. What do you think? Is turning their fenced play area into a mini-military base complete with Special Forces flag atop the command center and helmet-topped fence posts and camouflage flags the stuff of spoiling? We have signs to declare it Alpha Base but haven't yet put those up.

If those kids hadn't helped stir up the Quikrete for those fence posts (okay using the hose was the fun part of this) and hold the fencing while it was being nailed in, if they hadn't helped me shovel all the mulch (4 yards of it) into the wheel barrow to fill this area, if they weren't helping with the signs, if they hadn't held the nails and screws and stuff while I put up the flag holders and helmets (okay, so I think power tools are fun), then yeah, maybe they'd be spoiled. But they helped. And I learned I have some good workers.

It's worth it seeing them stalking around the yard with their nerf guns and light sabers (one or the other usually tucked down the the back of the their shirt-necks as if holstered or sheathed) fighting off some imagined beast with the other neighborhood boys and then suddenly everyone's swinging and sliding. Yeah. I have plenty of popsicles. :-)