Monday, September 6, 2010


As I walk around the big D-Con, my ears are always picking up bits and pieces of the conversations of strangers. It's become a thing for me, so I'm sharing my favorites...

--but first--

A quickie recap of the highlights of my 2nd D-Con:

* Meeting all the fantastic people--you know who you are!

* Taking pics of the costumes.

* Being on a Supernatural CSI panel with Laura Anne Gilman, Jim Butcher, Laura Bickle/Alayna Williams. Butcher's fans packed the room--it was the most people I've been in front of on a panel. (*nervous* SQUEE!) It was great fun! Carol Malcom is the best moderator EVER!

* Getting to see CELLDWELLER in concert!

When I first wrote about my character Johnny Newman's band Lycanthropia in VICIOUS CIRCLE, I had an idea what they sounded like and described it as similar to Flesh Field, but edgier, with more guitars, and predominantly male vocals. Someone kind of poked me and said, "Hey, check out this band, Celldweller," and provided a link to a video for Switchback. I was hooked immediately. OMG! Kick ass! Getting to see the concert was--for me--the biggest thrill of Dragon Con 2010. I had to get back to the hotel at about 2:30 a.m. and had to pack. I left to catch my plane home on 3 hours of sleep, but it was worth it!

To make it even better...I was on the front row. Almost center! Klayton was right in front of me. So cool!

If you don't have their cd, go buy it now. Really. Seriously. Here's a link to their you tube video for Switchback:

I'll post more pictures tomorrow from D-Con tomorrow, but for now, here's my

Top Ten Favorite Phrases I Randomly Overheard at DRAGON CON:

10.) Can we have a king size bed? We're friendly, but not THAT friendly.

9.) You want this? You want this?

8.) Yeah. You're gonna have to drag me.

7.) But it's squishy!

6.) We need to find the long gerbil tube.

5.) I'm suffering from too much boom boom.

4.) I gave you one when we got back to the room last night. I gave you one this morning. Now I'm not giving you any more.

3.)Are you sure you're putting the right end in?

2.) Shake it. It's soft rubber. It won't hurt you.

1.) Ack! My nozzle is gone!


Carol M. said...

You are very kind, Linda. Thanks. :) I'm so glad you were able to go to the concert!

Missy S said...

BWAHAHAH!!! Those were awesome... I couldn't pick my favorite but 'We're friendly but not THAT friendly' is definitely up there!

Wolfsbane and Absinthe said...

I had SUCH a good time.

Carol--Kind? Okay, but I'm honest too. :-)

Missy--you should go to DCon sometime!!!! It is the COOLEST con ever.