Sunday, November 7, 2010

When I'm NOT writing...

I've been writing, I swear. BUT.
I've been working on another project for a month now.
Finally, it's done and I want to share!

I've been paintintg my kids' room. Here's what I started with:

White walls. I sketched in some standard sized blocks just to see where the painters tape should go. Then I put a color on the upper portion of the walls, and a slightly darker color on the lower parts of the walls where my faux "stone" was going.

The boys wanted stone arches over their beds. So I drew a template and painted around it. At this point, I was still excited and eager to see the room come together.

Then I outlined the stones...that took days. I painted in one arch because I had to motivate myself. Seeing how cool the stone was going to be, helped me pick up the momentum that was lost.

Then I painted and detailed each stone.
I began questioning my sanity.
Why did I ever start this project?
What the heck was I thinking???
I was in over my head. But the boys were so excited...I couldn't stop and paint over it all in a nice, normal solid shade. No matter how I might want to.

And this big empty, windowless wall loomed.

I arranged the room and got the border painted.
I put up the props. The shield and helmet. The axes. (All are plastic toys.)
Still there was that empty wall.

It needed dragons.

So, I put in pillars and blacked out the part that would be "open to the outside."

I put in the clouds, the mountains in the distance. The moon and the stars.

And I started to paint dragons... was done.